Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Not  since  the  blitzkrieg  invasion  of  the  German  NAZI's   during  World War  II  has  the  country  of  France  has  had  to  mobilize  its  army  within  its  borders  to  protect  the  French  people. Presently,   France's  greatest  threat  is  not  so  much  an  'external'  one  as  it  is  an  'internal'  one.  France  along  with  Germany  made  one  of  the  greatest   mistakes  of this 21st Century  that  will  come  to  haunt  them,  by  allowing  over  a  million  Muslim  men  ( both legally  and  illegally*)    to  claim  some  type  of  political  asylum  as   war  refugee  victims  ( many were admitted  without   any background checks*).  As  you  have  been  hearing  in  the  news, a few of the  Islamic  refugees  are   already  coming  to  overwhelm  both  France  and Germany.  Lone  Islamic  Jihadic  Terrorist  attacks  have  instilled  insecurity  in  both  France  and  Germany.  (  at  least  now  these  two  EU  countries  know  firsthand  what  the  nation  of  Israel   has  been  going  through  for  over  half  a  century *)   Additionally, its  a  great  'sociological  ticking  bomb'  to  allow  over  a  million+  men  into  a  country, (  and not  an equal number of Islamic women  refugees*)  sooner  or  later  'rapes  and  sexual  assaults'  are  going  to  increase  against  the  local  female  population  and  that  is  exactly  what  has  been  taking  place  in  both  of  these  Western  EU  countries  !!!  Additionally,  some   splinter  branches  of  ISIS  claim  to  have  great  sway  over   a  'network of  lone  wolf  attackers'  all over  various  European countries  and  'realistically  and  statistically'  speaking  if  even  only  1%  of the  over  'one million'  Islamic   young  men   allowed  entrance  into  EU  countries   in  the past via  'asylum-seeking  refugees'   become  radicalized  we are  talking  about   a  potential  10,000+   'Islamic  Jihadi  Sleepers'  that  could  cause  chaos  all  over the  EU  if  they  ever  acted  in  unison;  like they did  in the  past  coordinated  attacks  in   France on the 13th of  November of  2015. On that date over 170+ were killed  in various cities  throughout France.

During  WW II, in France   it  was  easy  to  identify  German  Troops  because of their uniforms,  'BUT'  the  ever  growing  and  expanding  war  on  Terror  in  France  is  somewhat  more  of  a  'Guerrilla  Warfare.'   The  Islamic  Jihadists  are  'NOT'  playing by any rules of war  and  they  obviously  aren't  wearing  any  uniform  and  to  add   'insult  to  injury'   they  are  claiming  racial  profiling  and   are quick to use   the  West's  judicial  system  to  their  advantage,  because  in  Islamic  countries  they  most  certainly  do  'NOT'  give  you  as  many  human  rights  as  in  the  West.

France's  'State of Emergency'  gives  the  French  police  extra  powers  to  carry  out  searches  and  to  place  people  under  house  arrest.  Since  it  first  declared   a  'State  of  Emergency'  in  November 2015, the French government  has authorized  this continuing 5th extension ! The  'State  of  Emergency'  also  allows  searches  and  seizures  without  judiciary  oversight  as  well  as  censoring  the  press; including :  T.V.   Radio  and  most of the  French   Mass  Media. Since  it  was  first imposed  in November  13, 2015, over  500+   'Islamic   would  be  Jihadists'  have  been  arrested  as  well  as  over  500+  weapons and  some  50+  war  weapons !  The  French  Intelligence  agencies  have  also   stopped  over  16+   potential  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  and  according   to  French Prime Minister : Manuel Valls,  the   French  intelligence  agencies   are monitoring  around  15,000   people  who  are  believed to be  in the process  of  Islamic  Jihad  radicalization  !!!

If  you  have  been   following  our  reports  here  at  EUinProphecy.com   you  know  that  we  predicted  that  this   would  happen  simply  because  its  all  part  of  Bible  Prophecy.  The  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  do  'NOT'  give  us  a  'day  by  day'  or  'event  by  event'   revelation  of  the  future  but   it  does  give  us  the  major  event  and  EUinProphecy.com  was  created  and  launched  over  a  decade  ago  to  try  to  do  exactly  that  ' fill in  the  ever present  realities  and  try  to  'connect  the  dots'   to  what  will  lead  to  the  'Little  Horn'   invading  the  Middle  East  in  the  future   and  especially  Israel  when  he  commits  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation.'

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  no  warmonger,  I  wish  that  peace  would  prevail  on  planet  Earth  and  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  my  heart  'BUT'  the  reality  before  us  is  that   we  live  in  a  very  'Fallen  Planet'   that  is  home  to  'millions  upon  millions'  of  : fallen  angels, demons  and  Satan  himself  who   seek  day  and  night  to  : kill, steal, destroy, deceive  and  enslave  humanity  any  which  way  possible  !!!

The  recent   Islamic  Terrorist  inspired  attack  in  Germany  and  Turkey  is  proof  that  planet  Earth  will  suffer  Islamic  Terrorism  all  the  way  into  the  Tribulation  period.  The  recent  terrorist attack  in  Germany   embarrassed  the  German  government  and  exposed the  many   loopholes  and  inefficiencies  of  the  German  intelligence   authorities  that allowed  the Islamic  Tunisian  terrorist  to  exploit   the  broken  borders  of  EU  countries and  their intelligence  networks.  The  continuing  Islamic  inspired  terrorist  attacks   unfortunately  will 'little  by  little'   accelerate  the  EU's  move  into  the  'Big  brother   police state'  mentioned  in the  Book  of  Revelation.   Intelligence experts   acknowledge  that Germany's  intelligence  networks  are  overwhelmed,  in  Germany   alone  they  are  trying to keep  track  of  7,000+   live  Islamic  terror   suspects;  all  of  this  is  causing  burnout  and  not  to  mention  millions of  Euros  !!!  This,  most  certainly   cannot  continue  on  for  decades.  Mrs. Merkel  made the  great  mistake  of  importing   almost a million  Muslims  who  come  from  countries  that openly  promised  the  destruction  of  the  West.   Mrs.Merkel  is  going  down  in  history  as thee  one  who  fell  for  the  modern  day   21st Century  version  of  the  'Trojan  Horse.'   Somehow  it  didn't  occur  to  Mrs. Merkel   and  her  government  why  the  40+  Islamic countries  didn't   accept   most  of  their  own  'Islamic  Syrian  brothers'  as   war  refugees  into their   own  countries  to  begin  with  !!!

There's  something  terribly  and  horribly  wrong  when  the   French  government  has  to  station   soldiers  in  front  of   'Christian  Churches'  and   'Jewish   Synagogues'  all  over  France  to  protect  them  from  Islamic  Terrorism  !!!  Meanwhile,  all over  the  Middle  East  and  Northern  Africa  Islamic  Jihadists  continue  persecuting  Christians  and  Jews   as well as burning up  and  destroying  Churches  and   neither  the  UN  nor  the  US  Government calls  it  for what  it  is a  GENOCIDE  !!!    Talk  about  'politically  correctness'  gone amok  !  It  is  'NO' secret  that  the  Islamic   government  of  Saudi  Arabia  funds  the  building  of  many  Mosques  throughout  the  European  Union, 'BUT'  this  same  Islamic  government  'PROHIBITS'  Christian  Churches   and  Bibles  in  Saudi  Arabia  !!!

As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies   the  conflict  with  Fundamentalist  Islam,  he  knows  that   it  will  'NOT'  be  settled  anytime  soon  with  mere  'bullets'  this   conflict   will  end  with  the  eventual  use  of  limited  strategic  nuclear   strikes  against  some  Islamic  countries  in  the  future  as  well  as  with  the  use  of  other  'Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction' ( WMD ).  As  this  student  of  'Strategic  Studies'   considers  all  of  this;  he  observes  that  Islamic  Jihadists  want  to  take  the  world  back  into  the  'dark  ages'  just  like  the  Taliban  in  Afghanistan  tried  to  in  that  region  of  the  world,  'BUT'  the  rest  of  the  developing  countries  and  the  West  are  on  a fast  paced   track   and  competition  to  see  who  will  dominate  the  planet this next  decade  with a  high-tech  economy  and  most   Fundamentalist  Muslims   don't  want  any  of  it.  You  and  I  know  that   Western  leaders  are   going  to   eventually  wake  up  from  their  naive  misconception  that  Jihadi  Muslims  can  and want to assimilate  with   Western  culture, customs  and  traditions.  You  better  believe  that   ISIS  and  other  Islamic  Terrorists  are  planning day and night another 9-11   attack  'BUT' this time it's  going to be  somewhere  in  Europe  and  Europe  is  going  to  respond   in  a  similar  manner  that  the  US  military  responded   after  September  11.

This  week of  December  19, 2016,  lone  Islamic  Jihadists   terrorists  struck  : Germany, Turkey  and  Russia.  This  time they managed to kill :  Turkish  soldiers, Germans  in a  shopping  center  and  a  Russian  ambassador  and   you're  telling  me  that   Islamic  Terrorism  is  going  to  end  anytime  soon ?  EUinProphecy.com   forecasted  over  a  year  ago  that  during  the  Tribulation  period  most  Muslims  will  be  kicked  out  of  Europe  in  a  great  coming  of  a  massive  'Police  State'  as  predicted  and  guaranteed  by  the  Biblical  Prophecies.  This  really,  shouldn't  surprise  any  student  of  world  history  for  the  Muslim's  have  already  been  kicked  out  of  European  soil  in  over  3  instances  in  the  past  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  likens  the  threat  of  Islamic  Jihadists to  an  even  greater  threat  once  posed  by  the  NAZI's  and  Communists.  Islamic  Terrorists have  made  it  'NO'  secret  what  their  intentions  are : The destruction of Israel and of the West and of anyone who doesn't  bow  down  to  their  false  god  allah   and  their   demonic Shariah  Laws   !!!  Those  that  underestimate  their  threat   are  in  for  some  surprises.  The American  military  has  been  fighting  them  for  over  11+  years  now  and  'time  after  time'   Islamic  Jihadists  appear  to  be  multiplying  like  bunnies  all  over  Islamic  countries.  The  naive  European's    are  in  for  some   more  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  simply  because  that  is  the  nature  of  this  'Islamic  Monster' that  has  proven  time  and  time  again  that  it  has  no  problem   'biting  the  hand  that  feeds  it.'   It  baffles  me  how  some  EU governments  like  Germany  and  France   allowed  over  a  million  of  Islamic  men  into  their  country  when  they  are   at  the  same  time  witnessing   Islamic  men  in  that  same  age  range  causing :  havoc, destruction  and   genocide    in  the  'name  of  allah'  all  over  the   Middle  East  and  in  several  North  African  countries  !!!

The  political  leadership  of  most  EU  countries  is  very  weak  'BUT'  it  is  changing  simply  because  most  EU  voters  from  all  over  Europe  are  waking  up  to  the  reality  of  Jihad  outside  of  their   homes  !!!  Unfortunately,  many  EU  cities  in  the  future  will  be  going  though   riots  and   racial   attacks  simply  because  this  is  what   happens  throughout  history  whenever  you  allow  millions  of  illegal  and  legal  immigrants  into   a  country  and  economy  that  was  'NOT'  meant  to  support  them. As it is  several EU  countries  were  already  struggling  with  large unemployment  figures  within  the  native  population  !!!

 France, Germany, the United  Nations,  the EU,  Britain, NATO, Russia, the USA  and  the  Arab  League   'FAILED'  to  adequately  address  the  Civil  Wars  of  the  Middle  East  and  now  these  wars  are  making  their  way  into  most  European  countries  and  cities  !!!  Letting  everyone  into  your  country  doesn't  solve  the  problem  !!!  All of these countries  ( and  global  heavyweights*)  should  have  pooled  in  their  resources  to  create  and  build   a viable and secure 'safe zone'  in Syria and   because they  didn't,  now  they  have  over  a  million   war  refugees   pouring  into  the  European  Union  and  why   aren't  most  questioning  and  wondering  why   all these  'Islamic  Refugees'  aren't   seeking  asylum  and  refuge  in  other   Islamic   countries   to  begin  with  ???

In  sum,  France  has  been  in  an  official  'State  of  Emergency'  for  over   a  year  now  and  they  are  realizing  that  they  must  extend  it  for  many  more  months.  Slowly, but  surely  the  EU  in  the  future  will  be  forced  into  a  'Police  State'  and  'Martial  Law'  simply  because  several  EU  countries   allowed   'sleeper'   Islamic  young  men  into  their  country,  this  mistake   will   far  eclipse   that  one  of  the  original  'Trojan  Horse.'    Truly,  the  leadership  of  the  EU  either  didn't  know  their  own  history  or  that  of  the  Mediterranean   or  they  are  just  some  of  the  most  naive  and  liberal   democracies  of  planet  Earth.  Islamic  immigration  is  now  one  of  the  main : issues, topics  and  concerns  of  all  the  elections  within  the  European  Countries  and  the   emerging  populists  movements   arising  in : France, Germany  and  the  Netherlands  are  proof  of  this.

Decades  ago  before  'Islamic  Jihad'  exploded  onto  the  world  scene  most  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy   were  'scratching  their  heads'     trying  to  figure  out  why  the  last  Roman  manifestation  of  the  4th  Beast   would  once  again : attack, invade  and  conquer  a  large  part  of  the  Middle  East  in  the  last  days  as  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  in   9:27 &  11 :40,  well  now  in  this  December  of  2016  'NO'  one  needs  to   continue  to  'scratch  their  heads'  to  try  and  figure  it  out;  now  it  is  becoming  'more  and  more  clear'  that   Islamic  Terrorism  is  going  to   be  one  of  the  reasons  why  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  given  so  much  power  during  the  Great  Tribulation  !!!

By:  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   prays  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem  and  of  all  nations  on  planet   Earth.  He  does  'NOT'  rejoice  in  the  death  or  destruction  of  the  wicked  nor  of  anyone  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD.'  Mario  Romano  is  a  'nobody'  that  was   saved  and   redeemed  by thee  greatest  SOMEBODY  in  eternity : THE  WORD  OF GOD : JESUS CHRIST !  This  servant  of  yours  is  also   a  student  of  : Assymetrical  Warfare  and   Guerrilla  Warfare  'BUT'  he  fully  knows  that  thee  greatest  war  is  the  'Spiritual  War'  that  is  taking  place  behind  the  scenes  in  the  'Spiritual  World'  for  the  souls  of  billions  of  human  beings   and  he  knows  that : Satan,  his  fallen  angels  and  demons  do  not  love  humanity  nor  anyone  created  in  the  Image of  GOD   !!!