Monday, June 29, 2015

A MODERN GREEK TRAGEDY & THE FUTURE OF GREECE  has  been   stating  for  several  years  that  the  European  Union  has  "NOT"  been  Finalized  and  that  it  is  subject  to  future  "RESTRUCTURING."   The  collapse  of  the  Greek  economy   does  "NOT"  mean   that  Greece  will  be  kicked  out  of  the  European  Union  completely  and  forever,  the truth is that they  may  be  forced  to  abandon  the  "Euro Zone"  ( $ EURO  Currency )   but  not  the  European Union  altogether.

 There  are  EU  countries  that  are  EU  members  that  do  "NOT"   have  the  $ EURO  as  their  legal  currency  such  as  : England, Denmark and Poland.  Greece  has  signed  numerous  other  treaties  with  EU  member  nations  that  will  be  "Unaffected"  even  if  Greece  was  to  abandon  the  $ EURO  and  restart  printing   Drachmas  ( the old Greek  Currency *).

     According  to  various  'EU  Polls'  16  of  the  19  members  of  the  Eurozone  would  prefer  that  Greece   be  kicked  out  of  the  Eurozone.  While the  Greeks  celebrated  the  "NO"  victory  this weekend on the referendum,  the  dancing  in  the streets of Athens  quickly  vanished the following  day  as  some Greek Banks  closed  and  as Greek ATM's  imposed  even  stricter  and  lower  cash  withdrawals.  The truth is that the  Greek  referendum according to several experts  was  'useless'  and  in  fact  it  has  only  made things worse for Greece;  because  now  which  international investor  will  want to invest in Greece  ?  The blunt truth  is that  Greeks  are  in  for:  inflation, higher unemployment  and  less  government spending,  all  that  Mr.Tsipras  is  doing  is   delaying  the  inevitable  and  that  is  a  continuing  'Greek  Great  Recession'   for several years to come  !!!  

    What  every  student of Bible Prophecy should learn  from what is happening in Greece  is  what  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  stating for several  years;  when the  present  Prime Minister of  Greece  was  elected he was  elected  out of  "DESPERATION"  and  like this servant  of yours  and of Christ  has been stating all  along  in 'desperate times' people  resort  to desperate   promise  makers.  The rise and election of the Greek left coalition under the  Syriza Party and  led by Mr. Tsipras;  lied to the Greeks just as the NAZI's lied to the German voters in the 1930's;  the Syriza Party which brought Tsipras to power  made promises  that  they  simply couldn't  keep  in  a world  dominated  by realpolitik  !!!  The Syriza party   won the  Greek elections  because they claimed to  be  able  to make  a   better  deal with the  international  creditors than their   predecessors and the truth of the matter  is that   they may end up  making things even  much, much worse  "IF"  the powerful  IMF, ECB and Angela Merkel  call  Mr. Tsipras and Mr.   Varoufakis  bluff  !!!

     Various  political  analysts  are   unsure  what  to  make  of  Mr. Tsipras   in all of this, some  say   he  is  a  'political  genius'  who  has  stood  up  to  the  'Top  EU  Guns'  and  yet  others  believe  he  is  just   an  'incompetent   and  naive  young  politician'  who  got  way  in  over  his  head;  it  is  my  'insignificant  opinion'  that  Mr. Tsipras  is  the  latter;  at  the  end  of  the  day  Greece  will  still  be  mired  in  foreign  debt  obligations,  with  25%   unemployment  and  a  very  stagnant  economy  and   I'm  pretty  sure  that  when  this  crisis  is  'temporarly   fixed'  Mr. Tsipras  is  going  to  claim  some  type  of  victory  even  though   not  much  has  changed  in  Greece  with  his  Syriza  Party !!!

    As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  can't  help  but  marvel  at  what  has   become of  the previous  3  Beasts  Prophesied by Daniel.  ( How have the once mighty fallen*)  The 1st Beast  represented the Babylonian Empire  ( Mesopotamia )  and today  this region  is represented by  countries such as Iraq and Syria which are  presently plagued by  warfare  and  civil strife.  The  2nd  Beast  symbolized  the  Medo-Persian Empire   and  presently  is represented  by  Iran, Turkey and others  that have been  delegated as  3rd world  powers.  The 3rd Beast  representing the Greek Empire  and presently  personified by the nation of Greece  is presently on the verge  of modern bankruptcy.  The 4th Beast  in  fact  devoured all  the others during the times of the Roman Caesars  and   today  the modern Roman Empire  represented by the European Union   long ago devoured  the 3rd  Greek  Beast.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy knows  that  whatever  happens  to  :  Greece, the $EURO  and  the  Eurozone  this  coming  week will "NOT"  bring the total  end of  the  EU  experiment;  the  Biblical  Prophecies  "GUARANTEE"  that the final  4th  Beast  will  ultimately  end  dominating  the world during the final  endtimes
( Daniel  7 : 23 )  Yes, the  Eurozone and the European Union will  be  "Shakened" to their  very foundations by coming  Prophesied : wars, natural  cataclysyms  and  coming  economic meltdowns  "BUT"  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  human  history   has  set  it  up  all  so  that the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  rise up  from around the Mediterranean  and "NOT"  from China, Russia  nor  America.

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    reminds everyone  that  despite  all the   challenges  that  seem  to  be  coming to the shores of the European Union, the  fact remains  that  EU  continues to be the 'largest economic trading block' in this world  and  via  NATO  the  largest  military  alliance  on  planet  Earth.

     Former  French  President  Nicolas  Sarkozy;  for  his  part  called  Mr.Tsipras  an irresponsible  leader,   according to Mr. Sarkozy  "The question  now  at  hand  is not about how to save Greece, but  about how to save the Eurozone."   This  crisis  according to Sarkozy could  begin  the  rupture of the entire  Eurozone  should  it  be   left  at the hands of   'inexperienced  players'  who  fail to  see all the  possible  ramnifications of  the  Eurozone rupturing  because  of  a  Grexit  !   Allowing  Greece  to  sink  may  cause  a  'domino effect' that could   spread  to  other  struggling  Eurozone countries  such as :  Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

   Whatever  transpires  this  coming  week,  Greece  will  continue  to  be  a  member of : NATO  and  the  Schengen Treaty ( Agreement )  as  well  as  various  other  regional  European  Treaties.  What  the  collapse  of  the  Greek  Economy  means  is  that  the  Greeks  are  in  for  even  more  hard  times;  "BUT"  they  will  survive,  the  truth  is  that  most  of  the  countries  of  this  planet  are  in  even  worse  shape  than  Greece  !!!   I  remember  as  a  kid  when  the  Peso  Collapsed  in  Mexico  and  most  people  who  had  stashed  their  riches  in  Banks  lost  most  of  their  savings  in  Mexican  Banks. The same  has happened  in  Argentina  "Twice" in  the past  20  years and hey  in  Zimbabwe in 2008,  hyperinflation peaked at 29 Billion Percent !!!  and  the  Zimbabweans   still  somehow  managed  to  keep  on  living  by  embracing  a  very  creative  bartering  economy  !!!

      Mr.Tsipras  addressed  the  Greek  people  on  national  T.V. this weekend promising them  that their bank deposits were safe and to remain calm,  "BUT"  most   Greeks  didn't  believe  most  of  the words  that  came out of  the  mouth of  their  'young, naive and inexperienced  leader' and most of them  continued  to run  to their closest  ATM even as Mr. Tsipras  kept on  talking on national T.V ! Greek  leaders   hope  that they can   accomplish what  happened  in  Cyprus two years ago, but the truth of the matter is that   Greece  isn't  Cyprus and  this  is  not  2013.

     What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  believe  that  will  come  out  of  this  Greek  Crisis  and  showdown  will  be   the  implementation  of  new  economic  powers  and  institutions  in  the  Euro Zone  that  will  in  the  future   give  way  for  the  end times  Mark of the Beast  !!!  The European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (  ECB , IMF )  are  the key players here. Some very powerful  EU players are  bent on stopping  Mr.Tsipras  at  all costs  because  they perceive him as  'not  fully  being able to  grasp the full picture'  of what could happen if  a "GREXIT" should  occur,  the  "Big Guns"  of the EU  fear  an  economic  contagion,  spread  by fear  that  could  devaluate  the $EURO  at  the expense  of  a  small  Greek  economic crisis.

    Macedonia, now modern  Greece  after  all  produced  the  3rd  Beast   Prophesied  by  Daniel. Greece  geographically  speaking  isn't  going  anywhere, for   it  will  continue  to  be  directly  and  indirectly  a  part  of  the  European  Union ( European Continent ), sure some  Greeks  are  going to be "Inconvenienced"  by  receiving a smaller  pension  check  and  higher  taxes  as well as  deep  cuts  in  several  government  programs,  but  I  can  think  of  numerous  other  countries  in  Asia, Africa  and  South America  that  are  in even  worse economic shape than Greece  and  somehow  life still  goes  on  !!!

     Before the current  leader of Greece  was  elected  ( Tsipras )  Greece  was  already  long  in  an  economic  mess;  what  Tsipras  has  brought  and  demonstrated  in the ongoing  talks  is  "INEXPERIENCE."  His  political  brinkmanship   has  gone  further than  anyone  believed  was  possible  and  he  has  in  the  process   "ENRAGED"  the  big  guns  of  the  Eurozone.  Tsipras  is  "NOT"  the  "Little  Horn."   Students  of  Bible  Prophecy  know  and  understand  that  the  final  Ten  King's  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  "CANNOT"  rise  to  power   yet;  according  to  the  chronology  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  10  King's  rise  to  power  for  one  hour  ( 42 months -  3 and a half years *)  what  is  taking  place  in  Greece  is  "NOT"  the  seminal  event  that  will  forever  change  the  European  Union;  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  "WAR"  is  coming !

     Even  as  the  Greek  Crisis  continues,  so  does  the  European  Union's  and  NATO  military  buildup  along   Eastern  Europe's  borders  and  if  that  wasn't  enough  to  worry  about  the  EU  leadership  knows  that  Islamic  Terrorism  will  be  a  force  that  they  will  ultimately  have  to  confront  'head  on'  as  Islamic  terrorist  attacks  continue  in  France.  All  of  these  challenges  will  force  the  European  Union  in  the  future  to  adopt  a  very  "AGRESSIVE"   Foreign  Policy  in  the  future;  it  will  all  ultimately  come  to  "Securing  Energy  Sources"  as  war  breaks  out  in  and  around  the  Mediterranean  !    has  interpreted  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  as  the  product  of  a  world  at  war,  call  it  World  War  III.  What  is  transpiring in Greece  is  just  one of several other events   that  will  eventually   bring  about  the   ultimate  rise  of  the  10  Horned  Beast  guaranteed  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  in  the  future.  EUinProphecy   interprets  the  Biblical  Prophecies  as  guaranteeing  economic  collapse  not  just  in  Greece  or  in  the  Eurozone  but  eventually  also   in  the  : USA, Russia  and  China  in  the  future.  The  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  coming  global  economic  collapse  and  what  is  happening  presently  in  the  EU  is  just  the  beginning;  the  blunt  truth  is  that  the  United  States  has  accumulated  so  much  debt  that  it  is  long  past  being  "Payable"  and  the  truth of the matter is that  the true debt of the USA is even bigger that they officially  state  it  because  the  government  always  finds  creative  ways  to  lie  to  the  American  people.

     The  modern  state  of  Greece  is  a  "tragedy"  in  that  they  ( the Greeks  themselves )  failed  a  long  time  ago  to  diversify  their  economy, Japan and Germany sure didn't make this mistake. The present leader of  Greece  Mr. Tsipras in my personal opinion   is  a  "NAIVE"  politician  who  got  in  way  over  his  head  and  who  made  promises   to  the  Greek  voters  that  he  couldn't  have  possibly  ever  kept  !!!  Most  Greeks  for many decades  enjoyed  comfortable  government  programs  that  were  in  fact  financed  with  their  own  future; the debts have now piled up and the "Day of  Reckoning" is here  and now  most  Greeks  are  left  holding  'the bag full  of  debts'  that past   politicians  ramped  up to win voters in the past  !!!

    The  Biblical  Prophecies  guarantee  that  the  final  endtimes  Empire  that will   dominate  most of the world  in the future  will  arise  out  of  what  once  was  the  ancient  Roman  Empire  and  more  specifically  the  Biblical  Prophecies   affirm  that  such  an  Empire  will  be  led  by  10  King's  who  in  turn  will   elect  to  give  all  their  powers  to  one  amongst  them  an  "Eleventh  Little  Horn"  for  one  hour  ( 42  months )  what  is  happening in Greece  will  help to speed  up  all  this  process  even  more  !!!

    As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  all  this  tells  me  that  there  is  an  acceleration  taking place,  the  endtimes  "Little  Horn"  is  alive  somewhere  on  Planet  earth   and is just waiting in the wings; the Biblical  Prophecies guarantee  that his rise to power  will  be  subtle  and  "Peaceful"  at  first "BUT"  then  he  will  show  his  true  colors  in the end.  What  Mr.Tsipras  doesn't  understand  or wants  to  ignore  altogether  is  the golden  rule of economics  :   "He who owns the gold makes the rules  !!!"  Mr. Tsipras   wants  to  be  seen  as  the  victor  who stared down the ECB and the IMF and other Big EU  Guns  "BUT"  if  he  fails  Greece  is  in  for  even  harsher  times  for  it  already has  25%  unemployment  and  the  economy has  been  stagnant for many years now !!!  A "Grexit" does  "NOT"  mean  that  the  Prophecy  of  the  3  Horns  being  uprooted  is  about  to  take place,  for  we  are  "NOT"  yet  there,  I  state this because some  irresponsible Prophecy Teachers  are  teaching  this  when  in  fact  it  is  not  time  yet  ***

By:  Mario  Romano,   Mario  is  a  student  of  European  Political  Systems  and  Mediterranean  Geopolitics.  Mario  believes  that  every  single  Prophecy  found  throughout the  HOLY  BIBLE  will  be  fulfilled   to  the  letter  !!!    The  end  is  "NOT"  yet;  these things  must  first  happen,  but  what the  Greek   Financial  Crisis  does  tell  us  of   is that such an event  will  eventually   spread  to  all  the  world  in  the  future : A global  Economic Collapse as  guaranteed  in  Revelation  18:17  but  even  before Revelation 18  there is Revelation  6 : 6 !