Monday, March 20, 2017


This  past  week  the  President  of  Turkey : Recep  Tayyip  Erdogan  not  only   almost  singlehandedly  managed  to  decimate  the  remote  possibility of  Turkey  ever  joining  the  EU  this: Century, in the Millenium,  in  Eternity or  when hell   freezes  over !!!  'BUT'
Mr. Erdogan,  also   managed  to  offend  along the  way  the almost  'unoffendable  and  pacifist'  ( Germany's )  Angela  Merkel,  as well  as  enrage the Dutch Prime  Minister : Mark  Rutte   as  never  before  in  modern  diplomatic  history of  these  NATO  allies  !!!  Turkey's   initial  application  to  join  the  European Economic  Community  was  first  made  in  1987.   The  EU  for its  part  has  obviously been   giving   Turkey  the  'run-around'  in  its  accession  process  &  ever  since  Mr.Erdogan   and  his 'big  mouth'   rose  to  power  in  Turkey,  the   chances  of  Turkey   ever  being  accepted   into  the  EU  has gone  from an  extreme :  1%  to  0% !!!  ( additionally,  increasing  Islamic  Terrorism  throughout  Europe, Mass  Islamic  immigration  and  an  unstable  Middle  East   has  certainly  'NOT'  benefited   'Islamic  Turkeys'  chances   of   being  admitted  into  the  EU  as  the  only  Islamic   majority  country  in  the  EU* )

In the meantime, the leading newspapers  of  both : Germany  and  Turkey  have  also  gotten  in  on  the 'brawl  &  fist-fight  of  words.'  One of the leading  daily  newspaper  in  Turkey  even  ran  a photoshopped  image  of   Angela  Merkel  dressed  in  a  Nazi  uniform   !!!  Mr. Erdogan is the classic  'Stalinist' (wannabe)  he  is  trying  to  consolidate   all  power  by jailing  anyone  in  Turkey  who  dares  oppose  him  and  is  now  promoting  a  referendum  that will  give  him  almost  absolute  powers;  including  one  that  will  bring  back  the  death  penalty.  ( the upcoming referendum in Turkey  also  will  allow  Mr.Erdogan if  it passes  to :  dissolve  Parliament  and  appoint  Judges )   Mr.  Erdogan   enflamed   European  diplomats   by  accusing  them  ( Germany  and the Neatherlands )  of   being  'fascists  and  remnants  of  Nazism'  and  he  didn't stop there he also accused  the Neatherlands  of  massacring  Muslims  in  Srebrenica  during  the  Bosnian  War  in  1995   !!!  (  Mr. Erdogan,  'the  hypocrite'  never  wants  to admit what  Turkey did to   1.5  million  Armenians  during  World  War  I,   but  he  is  quick  to  throw  stones  at   the  dark  and  shameful  history  of  others* )

What does  Turkey's  Erdogan  benefit from all of this, you might ask ?   very  simply  a  perfect  'Scapegoat',  a   'Bogeyman' : The  West, the  EU and  even  Israel  sometimes !!!  Mr.Erdogan  wants  to  brainwash  most  of  his  fellow  countrymen  that  the  whole  world  is  against  them;  the  Kurds,  the Greeks, Saudi Arabia, and now even  Germany  and  the  Neatherlands  too  !!!  Half  of  Turkey  is  'NOT'  drinking  his  'Cool-Aid'  but  the  other  half  are  afraid  of  what  might  happen  if  they  don't  march  to  his  drums  !!!  ( Mr.Erdogan  has  threatened  to  ban  : Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp  and  several  other  social  media  websites  in  order  to  do  the  same  thing : North  Korea  and  China   already  does  to  a  degree  !!!  )

Bilal   Erdogan,  the son of  Turkey's  President   Mr. Erdogan   is involved in ISIS illegal  oil  smuggling  and  it  is  no  secret  that he is raking in  'millions  upon  millions'  of  dollars  as  a middleman.  Bilal  has  already  been  caught  laundering  money  for  ISIS  in  Italy  and  the  Russians  long ago  caught him  red-handed   too  !!! 

The Neatherlands  did  not  approve  of  Erdogan   promoting his referendum  on  their foreign  soil  and  even  Turkish  law  prohibits  it  in the first  place,  but   because  Mr.Erdogan  is  trying  to  follow   the   political  footsteps  of   the likes of  Putin and others,  he  doesn't care  much  for  'Laws'  the  rules  don't  seem  to  apply  to  him  'BUT'  he  sure  is  trying  to  make  the  rules  apply  against  all  of his:  critics, political  opponents  &  anyone  else  he  deems  doesn't  see  the  world  as  he  does !!!

Turkey  ( Asia  Minor ; Anatolia*)   is  a  great  case  in  point  of  what  the  Church  without  the  Holy  Spirit   will   transform  into.  (   Spiritually  dead  congregations  full  of  man-made  traditions *)  The  original  7  Churches  in  Revelation  were  all  in  what  we  call  modern  Turkey,  yet   most  of  the  small  230+ Churches  still  open  and attended  throughout  Turkey  are  Orthodox  & who  are  heavy  into traditions  and  Icons !!!   Great  persecution  and   genocide  against  Christians through the centuries  has  greatly   diminished  the  Christian  population in that specific  region of the world.   Additionally,  the once  great  Church  buildings  of  the  Byzantine  era  have  long  been  converted  into  Islamic  Mosques   !!!
The  EU  vs. Turkey   diplomatic   'war  of  words'  began  when   the  Dutch  government  barred  the  aircraft  of  the  Turkish  Minister  of  Foreign  Affairs : Mevlut  Cavusoglu   from  landing  on  Dutch  soil  as  well  as  by  expelling  the  Turkish  Minister  of  Family  and  Social  Policies : Fatma Betul   Sayan  Kaya  from  the  Neatherlands;  in  response  Turkey  expelled  the  Dutch  Ambassador  from  Ankara  and  Mr. Erdogan   began  to  let  out  in  the  open  words  and  feelings  that  he  has   against   the  EU  and   been  repressing  for  quite  a  while   !!!  Both  Germany  and  the  Neatherlands   demanded   an  apology  from  Mr.Erdogan  but  thus  far  Mr.Erdogan  only  seems  to  be  adding  fuel  to  the  fire  !!!   Mr.  Erdogan  full  of  fury,  called  out  all  the  Turks  living  in  Germany  to   not  only  have  3  children  but  5   in  a  bid  to  multiply  their  presence  in  the  European  Continent    so  that  in  a  few  decades  they  will  be  the  future  of  Europe  !!!

The  Holy  Bible   tells  us   that    'Out  of  the  abundance of the heart  speaketh  the  mouth'  and  if  it  still  was  any  mystery  what  Turkey's  Erdogan's    real  long  term  plans  are  for :  Turkey and  the  region  the  entire   world  just  got  to  hear  just  what  is  deep, deep   inside  the  heart  of  Erdogan  and  what  is  truly  lurking  in  this   man  who  wants  to  become  the  next  :  Saddam  Hussein, the next  Gaddafi  and  Assad   of  the  region.  ( some  men  never  learn  from history !!! )

If  you  didn't  know;  some  3+  million  Turkish  Muslims  presently  live  in  Germany  alone. Germany   began  to  accept   millions  of  temporary  workers  during  the  1960's  because  it  needed  them  ( workforce  )  'BUT'  as  is  customary   the  Turks  never   returned  back  to  Turkey  and  today   it  is  estimated  that  almost  80%  of   Turks  in  Germany  receive  some  form  of  social  assistance  ( welfare ).

The  Turkish  referendum   being promoted  by  Mr.Erdogan  is  scheduled  for  April  16  of  this  year  ( 2017 )  and  it  concerns  a  series  of  constitutional  amendments  that  if  approved  will   transform  Turkey   from  a  Parliamentary  Democracy  to  a   Presidential  system  that  would  give  Mr.Erdogan   the opportunity   to  run  two  more  times  as  the  leader  of  Turkey  until  the  year  2029  !  ( somewhat  something  similar  like  what  Putin pulled  off  years  ago  in  Russia *)

Thank  GOD  Almighty  that  Turkey  is  'NOT'  a  nuclear  power  !!!  If  you  are  a  regular  visitor  to  you  are  very  well   aware  that    Turkey  is  "NOT"  going  to  be  the  Epicenter  of  any  Islamic  Caliphate   !!!   (  some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  are  promoting  this  erroneous  idea  but   that's  their  interpretation *)     NATO   months  ago   perceived  that  Mr.Erdogan    had  'unholy  totalitarian  ambitions'  and    several months  ago  removed  all  NATO  nuclear  missiles  and  armaments  from  Turkey  so that they  wouldn't  fall  in  the  wrong  hands  of  some  Islamic   Caliphate   wannabe : Mr. Erdogan*

According  to  a  recent  poll   'most'  of  the  population  of  Turkey  does  'NOT'  approve  of  where  Mr.Erdogan  is  leading  the  country,  'BUT'  because   he  is  persecuting  any  and  all  dissent  most  remain  quiet,  most   people of Turkey  rather  enjoyed  the  secular   past  of  their  country, today  their  is  a  fear  of  where  there  country  is  headed  and  most  know  that   its  farther  and  farther  away  from   the  European  Union  and  closer  and  closer   to   what  : Saddam  Hussein  and  Bashar-Al  Assad  in  Syria   took  their   respective  country  to*

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  always :  interpreted, believed  and  taught   that  Islamic  Turkey  is  'NOT'  going  to  be  a  producer  of  any  of  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation.  The  truth  is  that  Islam  is  a  'Kingdom  Divided'  and  a  Kingdom  divided   against  itself  ( Sunni vs.Shiite)    cannot  stand  forever   and most certainly  Islam  nor  the  Arab  League  are  no exception  !!!    The  truth  is  that  the  Arab  League   is  not  anywhere  united  : politically, militarily  nor  economically  as  the  Europeans  are  in  the  Eurozone  and  the  EU  and  NATO  !!!
(  if  Islam  were  to  be  truly  one  they  would  have  decimated  and  defeated  Israel   'long, long'  ago  !!!  )

In  sum,  Turkey   will  fully  turn  against  Israel  in  these  last  days; Mr.Erdogan  long  ago  already  showed  his  'true  colors'  as  well  as  his  true  face;  he  is  playing   all  sides, sometimes  he  makes  deals  with : ISIS,  then   with  Putin's  Russia  and   he  is  presently  supposed  to  be  on  good  terms  with  Israel  'BUT'  we  all  should  know  by  now  what  he  is  up  to  and  that  is  that  he  wants  Turkey  and  himself  at  the  helm  of  a  new  Islamic  Caliphate  'BUT'  that's  never  going  to  happen,  the  Islamic  world  is  'way, way'  too  divided  and  : ISIS, AL Qaeda, Iran, Saudi Arabia  as  well  as  the  Arab  League  and  several  other  Islamic   powerbrokers  sure  do  'NOT'  trust  anyone  else  to  tell  them  what  to  do  and  Turkey's  Erdogan  is  no  exception  !!!  (  everything  is  going  to  blow  up  on  Mr.Erdogan's  face  in  the  future,  just  you  see*  )

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   in  'NO'  way  is  enjoying  the  present  state  of  our   fallen  planet  filled  with   an  almost  perpetual   state  of  warfare,  nor  does  he   delights  in  the  death  and  destruction  of  the  wicked.   Satan  has  so  'DECEIVED'  most  of  humanity  that  we  are  in  no  position  to : laugh, gloat  or  celebrate  the  'eternal   death'  of  so  many  human  souls  that  were   created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'   and  who  choose  out  of  their  own  'freewill'  to  ignore  and  reject   : JESUS  CHRIST   and  His  gift  of  Eternal  Life  to  anyone  who  'REPENTS'  of  their  sins  and  asks  Him  for  forgiveness.  The  Holy  Scriptures   reveal  to  us   that  as  bad  and  evil  as  this  generation  is   there  have  been   even  worse  one's  in  the  past   and this final  one   is  'NOT'  going  to  be  exempted  from  the   Wrath  and  Judgement  of  our  Holy  Creator  !!!