Monday, January 2, 2017


We  end  2016 and begin 2017,   with  Key  Endtime   Prophetic Players   getting  all  riled  up  by  the  outgoing President of these United States   ( Israel  and  Russia*)  Mr.Obama,  like  Nebuchadneezar,  who  was once full of  narcissistic  pride;  can't  quite  understand  the  'Handwriting  on  the  Wall'  Mr. Obama  just  this past week  openly  boasted that  if  he were  allowed  a  third  term  he  could  have  easily   defeated  Mr. Trump.  Let  me  interpret  the  'Handwriting on the Wall'  for  Mr. Obama; 'Thee most  High GOD, the  Holy One of Israel raises  King's  and  deposes  King's  and  according  to  the  present  'Handwriting on the Wall'  Mr. Obama  is  being  'DEPOSED'  by  thee  GOD   Almighty, who  controls  the  beginning   and  ending  of  all  of  human  history  !!!
Mr.  Obama   had  two  long  Presidential  terms  to  try  and  change  the  world  and  he  failed, he leaves  it   not much better than  his  predecessor  and  as  messed  up  as  ever;  in  fact  under President Obama  the U.S.  'National Debt'  almost doubled   !!!  The  only  thing that this student of Bible Prophecy gives credit  to  Mr.Obama,  is that World War III  didn't  begin on his watch.  But unless Mr.Obama repents  he  is  going down in the  eyes of GOD  as one of the  bad  King's ( 1 Kings  22:52 )  of planet  Earth;  who  did  evil  before  GOD  Almighty  !!!   Mr.Obama  openly approved  of  same sex marriage,  advocated  too  strongly  for  the  LGBT  movement; pushing  it down  everyone's throat and  he  even  cozied  up  with  Israel's enemies and  he  didn't  do much for Christian persecution in the Middle East; but he did allowed  over  9,000+  of  Islamic  Syrians  refugees  into  America  !!!
 ( Obama could  have also  easily  won  and  been  elected  hands down  in  'Sodom and  Gomorrah'  too*   If  only  time machines were  real  !  )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   chose  today's  accompanying  picture  to  remind  some   'who  we  are  and  who  we  are  not'  in  this  Universe   created  by  GOD  Almighty  !!!  We  are  at  the  mercy  of  our   Holy  and  Eternal  Creator, the  precise  orbit  of  our  planet  around  a  Star  ( sun )  who  is  some  1,000,000   times  larger  than  Earth  is  'NO'  fluke  of  nature,  nor  is  it  the  mere  product  of   an  uncontrolled   and  random  'Big  Bang'  !!!  We  are   billions  of  human  beings  who  have  been  'encapsulted   miraculously'  in  a   terrestrial   earthly  body  alongside  of   numerous  other :  trillions  of  stars,  galaxies  and  planets  who  also  inhabit  this   enormous  Universe   created  by  our  Creator  and  which   was  'ALL'  created  for  His  sole  pleasure  !!! ( Revelation    4 : 11  )

Remember,  that   in  this  2017,   that  our  Creator  not  only  has  a  monopoly  on  the  future; He  also  has  a  monopoly  on  all   Eternity; it  is  'HE'  alone  that  is  thee  'Alpha  and  the Omega'  of  ALL  creations  and  everything  is  about  Him  simply;  because  'EVERYTHING' was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!   ( Colossians  1 : 16  and  Romans  11 : 36  )...GOD already  wrote  the ending of  Satan  in  Revelation 20:10,   GOD  always  has  the  last  word ! 

If   there  is  'one  thing'   that  is  not  so  secret   about  GOD  is  that   GOD  Almighty  can  'NOT  lie   !!!   Satan  knows   this  TRUTH   of  GOD  fully  well  because  he  preceded  us  in  Eternity !!!   Almost  every  action  and  unholy  act  that  Satan  and  his  minions   have  been  planning  and plotting   against  humanity  and   especially  the  Jews  is  to  try  and  thwart  the  eternal  promises  of GOD,  Satan  knows  that  if  he  can  prove  GOD  a  liar  then   its  over,  'BUT'  its  never  been done  my  friend,   Satan  is  a  created  being   just  like  you  and  me  except  that  he  was  : created,  endowed  and  entrusted  with  far   superior  powers  and  intellect  than   any  human being  'Yet'  he  is  no  god;  Lucifer  and  every   intelligent  creation   ever   initiated  by  GOD  Almighty  is  an  open  book  to  Him;  GOD  is  SOVEREIGN  above  and  beyond   'ALL'  and  HOLY  is  His  name  :  YHWH,  ELOHIM : JESUS  CHRIST  !!!    since  its'  launch  over 16+ years  ago   has  been  trying to  be  on  the forefront  of  what  is  happening  in  the  European  Union. We  in  'NO'  way  are  in competition with any other Bible Prophecy Ministry, we just consider ourselves to be part of the  Army of the 'Living GOD'  here  on  this  Fallen  Planet  full  of  : rebels, heretics, false prophets  and an untold number of fallen  Angels  and  demons   led  by none other than Satan and  who  are  conspiring  to deceive most  of  this  planet's  inhabitants during the Great Tribulation  period.   ( they have already almost perfected their deception  methods all throughout  history  but  they  are  holding  their  most  deceptive  tactics  for  the  end  !!!  )   does  'NOT'  know  yet  who  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  end  up  being, according to the Biblical Prophecies  several  wars  must  first take place,  the  'Little  Horn' according to the Biblical Prophecies  will  already  be  on  the  world  scene  'BEFORE'  he confirms  the  7  year   covenant with the many for a week   !!!  ( rather obvious, because he breaks it midway  when  he  receives  'unholy  powers'  from  none other than the Prince of Darkness  himself *)

While  in  'NO'  way,  manner,  shape  nor  form  does  this   sinner  claim   to  'know  it  all' ;  he  is  just  amazed  and  awed  by   the  'Gift  of  Life'   that  GOD  our  Creator  has  allowed  billions+  of  other  human  beings  to also  have.   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  can  barely  handle  his  reality   and  responsibilities   he  has   to  contend  and  overcome  everyday  on  planet  Earth   much  less  can  he  handle  what  is happening in the Second  and  Third  Heavens  above  us  all  !  I  don't  know  about  you  but  i'm  starting   this  new  year  of  2017,  at  the  feet  of  my  Creator, sometimes  I  feel  overwhelmed, useless  and  defeated   'BUT'  when  I  come  to  the  feet  of  Jesus  Christ;  I  know  that  i'm  in  the  safest  place  in  all  of  this  Universe  and  regardless  of  all  that  is  happening  around  me,   my  GOD   is  in  control  of  it  all  and  He  promises  if  we  abide  in  His  WORD  and  Overcome   all  the   'temporary  temptations'  of  this  Fallen  Planet  that  we  will  ultimately  inherit  all  things  in  the  end  !!!   ( Revelation 21 : 7  )  So, whatever  trials  and  tribulations    that  you  may  go  through  in  this  2017,  DON'T   you  dare  give  up, we're  almost  at  the  finish  line;  you  have  made  it  this  far,  over  100+  other  human  generations  that  have  preceded  us   would  have  liked  to   have  been  living in this final  generation  that  is  about  to   be  caught  up  to  meet   Jesus  Christ  in  the  air  before  the  Flood  of  the  Tribulation   Period   floods   this  planet  with   the  Wrath  of  a  very  HOLY, HOLY  &  HOLY   GOD    Almighty   !!!

When  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   meditates  on  the  trillions+  of  other  galaxies  in  this  Universe  alone;   he  can  easily   see  GOD  Almighty  recreating  what  He  brought  to  life  on  planet  earth  anywhere  else  in this Universe  He  so  desires  !!!  This  student  of  Theology  and  Astronomy  can  only  'Imagine'   how  long  GOD  Almighty  has  been  creating   throughout  all  the  'Eternity   Past'  that  precedes  us  all  !!!  The  Holy  Spirit  in  this  vessel    ( John 16 : 13* )  confirms  to   him;  that   GOD  was  most  certainly  'NOT'   operating  in  total   and absolute  darkness  in  Genesis  1 : 3;  nor  was  He  existing  solely  and  plainly  around  'Dark  Matter'  !!!   Ladies  and  gentlemen;   Eternity  has  been   going  on  long,  long  before  our   finite  human  mind  is  capable  of  imaging  and  referencing  and   this   one  human  being  amongst   billions+  of  others  who  has  also  been  born  on  planet  Earth   is  'NOT'  complaining  about  anything  at  all,   I'm  just   very,  very  grateful  to  have  also  been  created  by  GOD  in  this  precise  moment  of  Eternity  and   I  have  absolutely  'NO'  problem  sharing  the  love  of  GOD   with    billions+  of  other  Angels  or  human  beings    who  have  preceded   me  !!! 

   All  that  GOD  creates  is  'Special'   to  Him, everything  was  created  by  'Him  and  for  Him'   ( eternity  has  been  going  on  long, long  before  GOD  created  us  on  planet  Earth*) it  is  somewhat    wrong  to  state  that  one  creation   is  more  special  to  GOD  than   another  one,  all  creations  are  unique  and  play  a    unique  role  in  eternity  to  GOD  our  Father  and  Creator, the Bible clearly reveals  to us that   the  very  original  'Son's of GOD'  ( Angels )  rejoice  when  a   human  sinner  on  planet  Earth  repents  and  turns  to  GOD  ( Luke  15 : 7-10 )  this  reveals  to  me  that  they   are  'NOT'  jealous  of  us  and   the  Angels  in  the  Heaven  and  others  are  'NOT'  going  to  be  left  orphaned  when  GOD  is  with  us  in  the  'New   Jerusalem'  GOD  is  Omnipresent  and  He  will  still  be   present  with  all  of  His  previous  creations  that  preceded  us   !!!

 It  has  long  been  rather  clear  and  evident   to  this   human  being  that  a  'Super-Intelligent'   being  created  us  on  this  almost  insignificant   spot  in  this  Milky  Way  Galaxy   !!!   Obviously  I  believe  in  the  Genesis  account  of  creation; GOD  spoke  and   everything  came  into  being  !!!  (  GOD  doesn't  need   the  so  call  Alien  subcontractors;  because  in  Job  38 : 1-7 not  even  the  mighty  Angels  were  needed   in  helping  GOD  create  planet  Earth  !!!*)

This  believer  knows  that   GOD  has    been  merciful  and   full  of  grace  in  this  'Age  of  Grace.'  ( Dispensation  of  Grace )  Each  day  that  GOD  allows  us  to  live  on  planet  Earth  is  an  extension  of  His   mercy.  Long  ago  this  believer   came  to  the  realization  that   all  life  is  a  gift   from  GOD  Almighty  our  Creator  and  although  some  may  have  been  born  with  several  advantages   than  others  ( silver spoon in their mouth*)   GOD  in  His  sovereignty   is  operating  in  this  'Fallen  Planet'  in  many  ways  that  we  cannot  perceive  nor  fully  comprehend  and  He  knows  what  is  best  for  all  of  those  who   fear  Him  and  abide  in  His  Holy  Word.  As  yet  another  year  seems  to  quickly  evaporate  past  us   the  Holy  Scriptures   warn  us  to  'NOT'   live  and  dwell  in  the  past;  the :  mistakes, errors  and  sins  that  we  committed   will  be  forgiven  by  GOD  if  we   confess them  to  Him  and  repent.

Like  we  stated  in  previous   articles,  GOD  is   operating  on  a  very  'rebellious  and  fallen  creation'   where  most  of  humanity  have  openly  chosen  to   rebel  and  ignore  against  His  commandments  and  the  message  of  His  Prophets  and  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  GOD  in  His  mercy  didn't  wipe  out  all  of  humanity   in  the  Great  Flood  in  the  past   simply  because  He  had  already  foreseen   the  very  end  of  this  creation  since  the  very  beginning  !!!

Throughout  all  the  Holy  Bible  we  learn  that  our   Omnipresent  and  Omniscient  GOD   reigns  over  all  of  His  creation  and  planet  Earth  is  'NO'  different,  Satan  did  'NOT'  create  this  planet,  he  only  has  domain   over   those  people's  and  countries  that  choose  to  dwell  more  in  'Darkness'  than  in  the  'Light'  of  the  Holy  Word  of  GOD  Almighty.  

As  the  'Times  of  the  Gentiles'   comes  to  a  close  in  this  'Final  Generation'  the  believer  knows  that   GOD  has  already  'Pre-ordained'   the  ending  of  this  creation,  Satan   has  really  'NO'  say  when   everything  began  nor  when  everything  ends  !!!   It  is  GOD  alone  who  knows  the  exact   'day  and  hour'  of  the  'Great  Harpazo'  and  the  beginning  of  the  70th  Week  of  Daniel. 

While  this  believer   prays   for  our  new  President  elect; Donald  Trump;  this  Bible  Prophecy  student   knows  fully  well  that  the  'Birth Pangs'  started  years  ago  and  will  only  get  worse,  'NO'  I  don't  expect  Mr. Trump   to  solve  all  of  America's  problems  overnight  nor  in  one  Presidential  Administration;  I  only  hope  and  pray  that  he  will  choose  to  be  a  blessing  to  the  State  of  Israel  !!!

In  2017,  expect  to  see  more   'Lone  Wolf   Islamic  Terrorist'  inspired   attacks  throughout  several  European   cities  and  capitals.  The  EU   leaders  almost   blindly   allowed   over  one  million+   Islamic  men  into  their  countries  and  this  is  a  recipe  for  disaster;  period  !!!  The  last  intelligence  report  I  read   concluded   that  all  of  the  major  'Intelligence  Agencies'  within  the  EU   are  ill  equipped  to  communicate  with  each  other,  the  German  intelligence  apparatus  was  long  ago  decentralized  so  that   what  Hitler  pulled  off  a   half-century  ago  couldn't  be  duplicated  again,  most  German  law  enforcement  authorities  do  not  have  a  centralized  base  of  power  and  that  is  one  of  the  reasons   why  the  last  Terrorist  attacker  in  Germany  was  able  to   flee  into  two  other  EU  countries  before  he  was  killed  in  Italy.  Unfortunately  it  is  rather  obvious   where  all  of  this  will  eventually  lead  to  and  that  is  into  a  'Closed'  EU  in  the  future,  most  countries  who  signed  into  the  'Shenghen  Agreement'   are  now  clamoring  for  it  to  be  revised  and  re-written'   because   they  never  foresaw  how  illegal  immigrants  and  Islamic  Terrorists  would  take  advantage  of  it  !!!

The  French  government   for  its  part  had  to  deploy  almost  100,000   soldiers  and  police  to  try  an  avert  another  Islamic  Terrorist  attack  on   this New  Years  Eve  all  over  France  but  especially  in  Paris.  Not  even   a  Muslim-Turkey    nor  a   semi-Totalitarian  like  Erdogen  can  control  Islamic  Terrorists,   it  should  be  rather  obvious  that  Islamic  Terrorism  will  continue  all  the  way  into  the  Tribulation  period  because  Western  leaders  like  their  Arab  counter parts   aren't  addressing  it   the  way  the  coming  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  address  it  !!!

Concerning  the  future  of  the  EU  virtually  all  of  the  intelligence  articles  and  secular  experts  on  the  topic    conclude  that  the  present  state  of  the  European  Union  is  'UNSUSTAINABLE.'
Germany's  economic  prowess  is   really  the  only  reason  why  the  EURO   didn't  collapse  some  time  ago   along  with  the  Greek  economy  !!!  But  Germany  can't  save  all  of  the  EU  forever,  the  best   example  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  can  give  is  of  a  gigantic  Dam,  imagine  that  this  dam   has  been   showing  signs  of  cracks  in  its  foundation  and  this  cracks  have  now  spread  throughout  the  entire  dam;  this  is  how  the  present  state  of  the  EU  is,  it's  full  of  cracks  and their  only  getting  bigger   and  worse  and  to  tell  you  the  blunt  truth  it  is  beyong  repair  or  salvation   that  is  why  the  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  that  the  last  Beast 'Empire'   that  will  dominate  most  of  the  world  in  the  endtimes  will  arise  out  of  the  Sea  and  most  people  of  the  planet  will  be  amazed  when  they  witness  the  rise  and  emergence  of  that  final  encarnation  of  the  Roman  Empire  led  by  10  King's.   Geopgraphically  speaking  the  European's   cannot  distance  themselves  from  one  another,  taken  apart  and  divided  they  are  'NO'  match  for  an  ever  growing  China  and  a   Chess master  the  likes  of  Vladimir  Putin,  but  united  into  a  core   group  of  10   they   can  stand  up  to  the  rest  of  the  regional  powers  of  planet  earth,  the  European's  still  enjoy   the  military  might  of  NATO   and  despite  all  of  their  economic  problems  and  challenges  the  EU  in  this  2017  is  still  the  world's  largest :  Trading  Bloc   !!!

As  you  are  well  aware  if  you've  been  following  our  articles,  you  know  that   we  are   zeroing  in  on  the   most  possible  place  on  planet  earth  were  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  most  likely  rise  from   and  presently  'France'  is  on  top  of  this  student's  of  Bible  Prophecy  list  because   France  is  almost  the  lone  military  giant  within  the  EU  if  you  were  to  remove  NATO  and  American  military  help.  France  is  a  capable  nuclear  power  in  its  own  right  and  that  is  one  of  the  chief  reasons  why   France  is  the  presently  the  lobe  EU  nation  who  is  single-handedly  trying  to  revive  the  Middle  East  Peace  Process   !!!  The  French  Presidential  elections  are  in  full  swing   and  presently  'French  Polls'   indicate  that  Mr.Fillon  would  win   handily  if  the  elections  were  today, 'BUT'  the  same  polls  were  also  wrong  about  the  surprise  defeat  of  Juppe  and  Sarkozy  in  the  first  round  and  Mr.Fillon   seemingly  appeared  to  have  come  out  of  nowhere   to  mount  a  victory  somewhat  like  America's  Donald  Trump; in  which  most  experts  sure  didn't  see  it  coming.   The  top  3  French  Presidential  contenders  include : Mr, Fillon, Marine  LePen   and  a  rising  new  star  in : Emmanuel   Macron,  you  better  believe  that  has  ben  on  top  of  it  all  ; we  even  secured  a  while  back  before  it  was  taken  !!!  There  is  no  question  that  Islamic  Immigration  and  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  are  taking  center  stage  in  both  of  the  upcoming  elections  of  the  two  EU  giants : Germany  and  France,  it  is  still  too  early   to  say  who  will  finally   win  the  2017   French  Presidency,  if  LePen  wins  ( the 10 Kings )   will  still  be  some  years  later,  should  Macron  defeat  all  the  odds  against  him  like  Mr.Fillon  did  in the past;  then  its  an  entire  new  story  !!!

The  more  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies   the  Holy  and  Eternal  Word  of  GOD  our  Creator  the  more  he  knows  that   GOD  is  in  absolute  control  of  this  entire  Universe  and  even  of  this   'Fallen  Planet.'  Satan  doesn't  even    remotely  have  the  Omniscient  and  Omnipresent  powers  of  GOD  Almighty, Satan can  only  be  in  one  place  at  one  time  and  GOD  can  literally  be  in  every  galaxy  in  every  planet  in  this  Universe  of  His;  in  the  same  manner  that  He  is  present  wherever  'Two  or  Three'  are  gathered  in  His  name  in  the  millions  of   prayer  circles   ( churches )  around  this  planet   alone !!!  (  Matthew  18 : 20 )

GOD   only  holds   us  accountable  for  what  we  do  with  the  Gospel  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  He  will  'NOT'  hold  anyone  accountable  for   the  'mysteries  of  the  Universe'  or  anything  else  that  is  beyond  us.  Most  of  humanity   has  quite  unfortunately   chosen  out  of  their  own  'Freewill'   to : ignore, push  aside  and  reject  the  'Free  Gift'  of  GOD;  and  this  comes  to  'NO"  surprise  to  our  Creator, Jesus  Himself  revealed  to  us  that  the  vast  majority  of  humanity   chooses   to  follow  the  'Wide  Path'   (  Matthew  7 : 13 )  that  leads  to  destruction  and  death,  our  duty  as  born  again  believers    is  to  be  the  'Light  & Salt  of  this  Planet'  in the midst  of an ever  growing   aggressive  darkness  that   Satan  and  all  of  his  allied  fallen  angels  and  demons   are  scheming  upon  as  much  of  humanity   as  possible.  

The  end  is  'NOT'  yet,  GOD   still  has  an  appointment   with  Israel,  GOD  set  aside  the  final  '70th  Week'  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  to  deal  specifically  with  His original  chosen  people 'the  Jews'  and  even  though  my  Jewish  friends   have  endured great  persecutions  in  the  past;  what  is  coming   won't  be  very  pleasant  according  to Zechariah's  Prophecies.  We  are  still in  'The  Times  of  the  Gentiles'  and  it  is  very unfortunate   that  as  we  study   history  we  learn  that    although  presently the world wide population  of  the  Jews  it  at  some 12+  million,  only  around   350,000+    believe   in  Jesus Christ  as  thee   Promised  Messiah  (  Messianic  Judaism  Population  as  of  2016,  both in the U.S. and  in  Israel*)   this  tells  us  that   since  the  Resurrection of our Lord  Jesus  Christ   only  about  less  than  5%  of  the  Jewish  population  ( in each generation  since  33AD+ ) through  these  2000  years  of   'GRACE'  and   the  global  diaspora    have  been  saved  by  the Blood  of  the  Lamb.   Truly, He  came  to  His  own  but  His  own  received  Him  not but to all  ( gentiles )  that did receive  Him, who believed in His name,  He  gave  them  the  right and the power to be  called  'Son's  of  GOD.' !  ( John 1 :11 -12 )  ( Even   in this final  generation  where  the  Gospel of Jesus  Christ   has  penetrated   most of Judaic  Poplution via mass  communications, Bibles, Blogs, Internet  and  personal  evangelism   it is rather unfortunate that only around 5%   of the Jews  have responded  to  the true Gospel of Thee  True  Messiah, this tells  us  why   the  Tribulation  is  needed,  "the easy  way or the hard way"  )   According  to  the  Prophecy  of  Zechariah 13 : 8,  GOD  is  ultimately  going  to  save   'One-Third'  of  the  endtimes  Jewish  population,  but  not  before  they  pass  through  the   Tribulation  Fire  of  GOD  Almighty***

By  :  Mario  Romano,  this  follower  of  Jesus  Christ   wishes  'NO'   evil  upon  any  nation  on  Earth;  in  the  name  of  Jesus  Christ   I  Bless  all  the  nations  on  this  planet  who  bless the  State  of  Israel.   GOD  has  given  us  all  a  new  opporunity  to  'start  all  over'  not  just  because  its  the  beginning  of  this  new  year  2017,  but  everyday   that  GOD  gives  us  on  planet  Earth  is  a  new  opportunity  to  repent  of  our  sins  and  start  a  new  life  !!!  'Unfortunately'   most  of  humanity   has  been  'Spiritually  Blinded'   by  Satan  the   temporary   Prince  of  this  world  'BUT'   GOD  in  His  mercy   has  given   all  of  humanity  almost  2000  years  since  the  Crucifiction  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  to   reflect   on  the  'Free  Gift'  of  GOD  and  most  unfortunately,  'Most'  of  humanity    has  rejected    that  free  gift  of  eternal  life  found  'ONLY'  through  Jesus  Christ.