Thursday, September 15, 2016


"But  you,  Daniel  roll  up   and  seal   the words of  the scroll  until  the  time  of  the  end.  Many  shall travel  everywhere  and  knowledge  shall  multiply."  - Daniel  12 : 4.   This  specific  Prophecy  in  Daniel  12  was  fulfilled decades  ago  ( Global  Travel  continues to  increase  and so  does  knowledge  about  seemingly  everything*) and  one  of  the  only  Prophecies  of  Daniel  left  to  be  fulfilled  is  the  rise  and  appearance  of   the  10  Toes / 10  King's of  the  4th Beast;  we  are  indeed  living  in  amazing  times !

GOD  ALMIGHTY    chose  to  reveal  the  future  of  Israel  and  of  planet  Earth  to  the  Prophet  Daniel  like  to  no  other   human  being  in  history  with  the  exception  of  the  Apostle  John  who  wrote   the  Book  of  Revelation.  If  you  didn't  know   most  of  Jewish  Orthodox  world  does  "NOT"  consider   Daniel  a  Prophet  and   some  critics  even   doubt  that  Daniel  really  existed  at  all;  "BUT"  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself  'verified  and  authenticated'  Daniel  as  a  real  person  and  as  a true  Prophet of  GOD in  Matthew  24 :15 !   (  because  when  GOD  ALMIGHTY  Himself  who  cannot  lie  like  Satan,  references  you  by  name   you  better  believe  it  !!!    and  "NOT"  only  that;  the  Theological - Biblical  evidence   suggests  that   it  was   Jesus  Christ  Himself   who  was  with  Daniel  in  the  fiery  furnace  !!! 'An  Old  Testament  Christophany' - Book  of  the  Prophet  Daniel 3 : 25;  "One  like  the  Son  of  GOD   !!!" )

Daniel  was  a young  man  when   the  Babylonians   conquered  Israel  and took  him  and  many   Jews  captives  into  Babylon  in the year 606  B.C.   Daniel  most  certainly  experienced  many   'heartaches'  as  he  witnessed  firsthand   Jerusalem  being conquered  by a  foreign  pagan  army;   for  'death and  destruction'   usually  follow  all  military  conquests  and  what  the  Babylonian  soldiers  did  to  Judea  and  Jerusalem  would  not  be  the  exception.   As  Daniel  was   taken  captive  he  would  be  forever  separated  from  his  family  and  circle  of  friends  and  all  because  'as  a  whole'  his  people   had   disobeyed   GOD  and  His  Prophets.   It  should  be  noted  that  Daniel  was  never   able  to  return  to  the  land  of  his  fathers  and  to  his  Jerusalem;  unfortunately  he  would  die   in  a  foreign  land   somewhere  by  the  rivers  of  Babylon.  It  is  in  Daniel  7 : 4, where   Daniel  is  introduced  to  the  First  Beast  ( also symbolized  as a head of gold*)   this  'First  Beast'   that  symbolized   Nebuchadneezar's  Babylonian  Empire   would  be  the  first  of  four;  'Gentile  Empires'  that  would  pillage  Jerusalem  and  ultimately  destroy  the Temple  and  the very  walls  of  Jerusalem   !!!     ( and  this  Prophecy  of the first  Babylonian  Beast  came  to  pass  in  the  late  7th  century    BCE  *)   The  4th  Roman  Beast,  under  the  Roman  General  Pompey would  later  conquer  Israel some 543  years  later !!!

Military  conquests   are  rarely  'bloodless'  events  and  it  is  almost  certain  that  Daniel  witnessed  the  death  of  many  members  of  his  extended  family  and  circle  of  friends.  What  every  believer  should  learn  from  the  life  of  this  great  servant  of  GOD;  is  that   GOD  raises  up  men  with  different  gifts  and  abilities  and  uses  them  for  different  tasks   and  missions.  Although  Daniel   did  "NOT"  have  the  miraculous  powers   held  by  the  Prophet  Elijah  like  the  ability  to  call  'fire  from  heaven'  nor  the  supernatural  strength given  to  Samson;  Daniel  nonetheless  is  a  man  of  GOD    who  was  faithful  until  the  end, his  convictions  and  faith  in  GOD  despite  the  reality  that  surrounded  him   did  "NOT"  waver,  the  Prophet  Daniel  is  proof  that  GOD  is  able  to  use  "ANY"  human  being  "ANYWHERE"  if  we  are  faithful  to  him.  GOD  in  turn  gave  Daniel   the  gift  and  the  ability  to  'interpret  dreams'  and   be  one   of  a  very  few  Prophets  to   have  visions  of  the  future  of  this  planet  and  especially  of  the  ultimate  destiny  of  Israel  until the end of the age.

Most  of  the  commentaries  on  the  Book  of  Daniel  were  written  shortly  after  the 'Reformation'  in the  16th  Century  and   onwards.  Truly, it was somewhere in the late 1500's  that  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  its'  prophecies  began  to  begin   being  'UNSEALED'  but  even  then  in  the   late  1500's   parts  of  the  prophecies  of  Daniel  could  "NOT"  yet  be  understood,  it  would  really  be  until  the   1900's  when  World  War  I  and  WW  II  and  the  rebirth   of  the  state  of  Israel  would  take  place  that  virtually  all  of  the  prophecies  of  Daniel  truly  began  to  be  understood  by  most  theologians  and  students  of  Bible  Prophecy.

In  the  Book  of  Daniel  we  learn   that  it  is  "NOT"  just  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  one 'step   or  two  steps'  ahead  of   Satan  and  all  the  King's  of  the  Earth;  but  we  learn  that GOD  indeed  is   literally   'Thousands  upon  thousands  of   steps'  ahead  of  "ALL"  of  His creation;  hence that  is  why  the  'Lamb  of  GOD'  was  slain  before  the  foundation  of  the  Earth;  our Creator  foresaw  "EVERYTHING" and  nothing  comes to  Him  as a  surprise  !

GOD  Almighty  revealed   the  future  to  Daniel  through  visions  explained   and  interpreted  directly   to  Daniel  by  the  Angel  Gabriel, the  very  Angel  and  Messenger  of  GOD  who  would  also  appear  to  Mary  before  the  birth  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ.

When   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies  the  Book  of  Daniel  there  is  no  doubt  in  my  mind  and  heart  that   Daniel  experienced   some  heartache  as  the  Angel  Gabriel   explained  to  Daniel  the  symbolisms  of  all  the  visions  of  the  end  that  he  had   witnessed.   Daniel  may  have  'initially  believed'  that   all   of  what  the  Angel  Gabriel  was  revealing  to  him  would  most  certainly   occur   during  his  lifetime;  Daniel  may  have  gotten  excited  initially  that  Israel  would  be  regathered and  that  somewhere  during  his  lifetime  he  would  even  get  to  witness  the   Messiah  promised  unto  Israel;  this  servant  of  GOD   can  just  imagine  'being  in  the  shoes'  of  Daniel  as  Gabriel   begins  to  reveal  what  he  just  witnessed; certainly in the back of Daniel's  mind   was  the  belief  that   everything  that  he  had  witnessed  through  visions  would  certainly  take  place  during  his  lifetime, "BUT"  as  the  Angel  Gabriel  explained  to  him  every  single  vision  and  Beast  that  he  had  just  witnessed  through  visions;  Daniel  soon  understood  that    his  eyes  would  never  behold  the  Messiah  during  his  lifetime  and  he  soon  realized  that  the  captivity  of  Israel   into  foreign  lands   would  last  for  Centuries  !!!

The   Four  Gentile  Kingdoms   are  described  and  symbolized  like  'Beasts'  to  Daniel  because  there   was  "NOTHING"  Holy  about  them;  whenever  any   man  or  government  departs  from  the  Truth  and  Holiness  of  GOD,   he  begins  to  become  like  a  wild  animal; we  see  this  very  thing  in  Satan  himself  who  was  originally  created  as  one  of  the  most  beautiful  Archangels  of  GOD  and  yet  when  Lucifer  fell   and  was  thrown  to  Earth   he  begins  to  take  the  form  and character  of  animals;  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  he  is  a  snake  and  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  he  is  a  Dragon; Nebuchadneezar   himself   because  of  his  pride  just  like  Satan;  is  transformed  by  GOD  Almighty    for  7  years  into  that  of  a  wild  animal  !!!
(  Daniel  4 : 32-34 )   We  should  all  learn  that  "NO"  one  is  indespensible  to  GOD,  we  are  all   easily  replaceable;  GOD   can  always   replace  anyone  who  becomes  ungrateful  and  indifferent  to   their  salvation; we  see  this  in  Judas  who  was  replaced  by  the  Apostle  Paul,  in  King  Nebuchadneezar  and  his  empire  who  was  replaced  by  GOD  with  the  2nd  Beast " and its  Medo-Persian' Kings  and  their  Empire   and  of  course   who  can  forget    King  Saul  who  was  replaced   by  King  David   !!!

It  was  through  visions  and  through  the  interpretation  of  the  Angel  Gabriel  that  it  was  revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel  the  4  Empires  that  would  conquer  the  nation  of  Israel  through  the  centuries  and  the  revelation  of  GOD    didn't   stop   at  identifying  these  4  Kingdoms, it  was  also  revealed  unto  Daniel  the  exact  timeline  ( the  Prophecy  of  the  70  Weeks  decreed  by  an  Eternal  GOD  Almighty*)   (  Daniel   9 : 24 )  These  two  key  Prophecies  concerning   the  70  Weeks  and  the  4  Beasts    have  stood  the  test  of  time  and  have  proven  beyond  a  'shadow  of  a  doubt'  that   GOD  not  only  knows  the  future   "BUT"  it  is  HE  also  who   in  His  sovereign  will   decrees   the  ultimate  fate  and  destiny  of  "ALL"  both  gentiles, Jews  and  even  that  of  Satan  and   the  fallen  Angels  !!!

As  we  approach  the  final  week  of   Daniel   most  of  the  Prophecies  and  visions  of  Daniel  have  been   accurately  and  properly   interpreted, the  only   Prophecies  that  "NO"  one  including  this  servant  of  GOD   can  "Yet"   interpret  fully  is  who  will  fill  be  the  10  Toes  of  the   Statue  of  Nebudchadneezar,   we  presently  believe  here  at  that  it  will  most  'likely'  be   the  heads  of  10  European  countries  who  will  align  and  unite  themselves  as  never  before   in  the  Tribulation  period  when    the  present  European  Union  and  the  rest  of  the  nations  of  this  world   will  be  shaken  to  their  foundations  by  the  upcoming  global  wars  that  are  headed  to  planet  Earth  in  the  not  so  distant  future.

What  every  believer  should  learn  from  the  Book  of  Daniel  is  that  GOD  most  certainly  honors   those  who  honor  Him   !!!  GOD  rewards  faithfulness  and  Daniel   was  faithful  until  the  end, even  though  he  was  taken  far  and  away  from   the  Holy  City  of  Jerusalem;  he  nonetheless   kept  worshiping  the  true  GOD  of  the  Universe   regardless  of  the  consequences  in  that  strange  land   of  idols  and  outright  paganism  !!!   This  servant  of  GOD  in  his  long  Christian   walk  has  unfortunately  witnessed  too  many  former  believers   get  swept  up  by  the  'things  of  this  world'   and  by  the  'false  gods'  of  this  world  without  no  great  persecution  on  the  contrary  this  servant  of  GOD  has   witnessed  too  many  times   ex-believers   setting  aside  the   Kingdom  of  GOD   for  the  'temporary'   things  that  this   corrupt  world  has  to  offer;  in  contrast  Daniel  knew   that  the  GOD   that  his  parents   had  thought  him  to  worship   was  still  the  GOD  of  all  creation  'despite'   the  fact  that  a  pagan  empire  had  conquered   his  own  nation  of  Israel  !!!

"NO"  other  true  Prophet  of  GOD    was  revealed   so  much  about  the  final  and  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  that   is  destined   to   dominate  most  of  the  world  during  the  endtimes  as  the  Prophet  Daniel.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  studied  almost  every  commentary  on  Daniel   from  other  servants  of  GOD  to  try  to   understand   what  it  all  means  to  all  of  us.  As  we  study  Daniel  we  can  begin  to  see  that   GOD   does  "NOT"  just  uses   anyone  to  reveal  the  deep  things  of  GOD;  GOD  only  uses   individuals   who  have  passed  through  the  'Desert  of  GOD'   men  who  have  not  corrupted  themselves  for  gold, silver nor for the applauses  of  men;  individuals  like  an  Elijah  that   was  not  of  any  Priestly    background, men like a John the Baptist who was neither  a  : Pharisee  nor  a  Sadducee;  sometimes  the  'Priesthood'  that  GOD  had  originated  had  become  so  corrupted   in  Jerusalem  that   GOD  literally  had  to  start  from  scratch;  hence  men  like  an  'Elijah'  that  seemingly  come  out  of  nowhere,  a  man  like  a  John  the  Baptist  who  was  raised   in  the  Wilderness  of  GOD.

In  conclusion,  every  believer  in  Jesus  Christ    should  learn   through  the  Book  of  Daniel that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  ever  present  in  all  of  the  affairs  of  planet  Earth; for  it  is GOD  who  raises  King's  and  who  deposes  King's  to  fulfill  His  sovereign  will  upon "ALL"  those  who  dwell  on  planet  Earth;  be  they   demonic  powers, fallen  Angels, Satan himself  or  even  the  mightiest  and  largest   armies  of  the  planet,  GOD   ultimately  controls the  course  of  all  world  events  !!!  (  Daniel  2  :  21  )   While  GOD  makes  "NO"  one  to  sin;  GOD  yet   turns  the  tables  upon  the  evil  ones  and  uses  their   unholy  acts  unto  good  to  all  those  who  fear  and  keep  the  commandments  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!  There  is  justice  in  this  Universe  and  even  though  at  times  it  may  appear   that  the  wicked, that  Satan,  that  evil  doers   are  getting  away  with  murder  and   injustice;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  surely    will  not  allow  their  wickedness  to  prosper   forever  !!!  was  launched  years  ago   primordially  to  'focus, warn  and  teach'  about the  Fourth  and  Last  Beast   Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  that  will  ultimately affect every   human  being  during  the  final  days.    We  believe  that  we  have  identified  four   key nations  that  will  ultimately  produce   4  of  the  final  10  King's  mentioned  in  the  Book  of Revelation;  and  these  are : Germany, France, Italy  and  Spain.   The  Biblical  Prophecies   clearly  mention  that  the  'Nation-State'   will  be  the  largest  and most  powerful  entity during  the  final  days and  "NOT"  :  Corporations,  Banks,  CEO's,  Mafias,  Drug  Cartels nor  an  alliance   composed  of  Billionaires.  (  Revelation  21 : 24,  Revelation  22 : 2  )

By :  Mario  Romano,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   'Blesses  the  Nation  of  Israel'  GOD  ALMIGHTY  has  "NOT"  abandoned   Israel  nor  its  Jews  and   GOD  has  "NOT"  replaced  the  Israel   with   the  Church   !!!   ALL  the  nations  of  this planet  and  all  of  the  organizations  that  are   divesting  from  Israel   are  bringing  a  curse  upon  themselves;  for  those  who  Bless  Israel  shall  be  blessed  by  GOD  Almighty  and  those  who  curse  Israel  have  automatically  brought  about  a  spiritual  curse  upon  themselves  !!!

Monday, September 5, 2016


The  truth  is  that  planet  Earth   is  the  site  of  an  ongoing war  between  Satan and  his  fallen  Angels and  Michael and  the  Angels still  loyal  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY.   The  epic  1979  film  'Apocalypse  Now'  set  about  the  Vietnam  War  has  "NOTHING"  on  the  real  and  true  battle  that  is  'STILL"  going  on  for  the   eternal  destiny  of  billions+  of  human  souls.  In  the  1979  film  a  very 'high  up  in the ranks'  U.S. Army  Colonel  rebels  and  goes  rogue   and   deep  in  the  Cambodian  jungle  he  is  begun  to  be  worshipped  as  a  god  by  the  local  indigenous and  primitive  tribe there; sounds  familiar ?

Many   of  the  upcoming  'horrors'  of  the  final  and  upcoming  Tribulation  period  of  7  years have  already  happened  on  planet  Earth  'here  and  there'   on  a  'limited  basis'  on  planet  Earth throughout  human  history.   What  separates  and  distinguishes   the  upcoming Final  7 Year Tribulation  Period   from  all  other    epochs  of  human  history  here  on  planet  Earth  is  that GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  going  to   unleash  21  judgments  'one  after  another'  on  an  unrepentant  and  rebellious world.  In  today's  article  this student  of  Bible  Prophecy   will  try  to  demonstrate  that  if  'human  history'  is  any  guide   most  of  humanity  doesn't  stand  a  chance   to  what  is  coming  upon  planet  Earth  in  our lifetime.

Some :  secular  humanists, atheists  and  others  who  have  made  human  governments  'their  god'  truly  believe   that  the  best  of  humanity  'shines  through'  during  the  greatest  of  catastrophes.  If  what happened  on   August  2005  in  New  Orleans  during  hurricane   Katrina  is  any  guide   to the unpreparedness  of  the  U.S. Government  and  FEMA,  then  those  who  truly  believe  that  the government  is  ready  for  what  is  coming  are  deceiving  themselves.  Additionally,  what  also happened   in  New  Orleans  during  Hurricane  Katrina  was  that  even most :  policemen, firemen and  other  safety  officers  literally  abandoned  their  jobs  and  posts  in order  to  help  and  save their  own  families;  because  when  anyone  senses  that  the  end  of  their world  is  at  hand   most  men  behave  like  animals; survival  at any cost is the primordial  and instinctive  goal  and  not  concern  for  their  neighbors  and  fellow  human  beings.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  would  like  to  believe   that  the  'best  of humanity'  will  shine  during  the  Tribulation  period  "BUT"  most  of  humanity  is  selfish  and what  is  deep  inside  the  human  heart   will  ultimately  come  out  during  that  future  hour  which is  surely  coming  upon  all  those  who  dwell  on  planet  Earth.   Satan  himself  who  has  studied mankind  for  centuries  observed  the  selfishness  of  man  'skin for skin'  a  man  will give everything he has to save his own life  ( Job 2 : 4 )   GOD  Almighty   the  HOLY GOD of  Israel  is going  to  'TEST'  all  those  who  belong  to  this  corrupt  world  and  who  have rejected :  His  Holy WORD,  His Commandements  and   His  only  Son :  JESUS  CHRIST .       ( Revelation 3 : 10 )

The  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  21  sequential   judgements  from  GOD  Almighty  during  the  upcoming  7  year  Tribulation  period  (  7 seals, 7  Trumpets,  7  Bowls )   these  21  judgements  will  overwhelm  most  of  the  nations  on  planet  Earth, it  will  be  like  having  one  major  global  catastrophe  after  another  every   3  months  for  7  years  !!!  Insurance  companies  are  going  to  collapse,  governments  are  going  to  collapse, Corporations  are  going  to  collapse,  entire  economies  are  going  to  collapse  and  that  is  why  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  are  going  to  unite  with  one  goal  in  mind  amidst   an  entire  planet    on  the  brink  of  total  chaos   !!!  Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  Himself   stated  that  heart  attacks   alone would  kill   many  during  that  period   !!!  (  Men's  hearts  failing them for fear , and for looking after those things which are coming  upon  the  Earth   !!!    (  Luke  21 : 26 )

A  Modern  Holocaust :  From  April  to  July  in  1994  in  Rwanda, Africa  almost  one  million  Tutsi's  were  murdered,  it  was  a  modern  genocide  and  the  United  Nations  who  did  have  a  military  presence  in  the  country   literally  abandoned  the  Tutsi  minority.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  of  this  because   some  'naive  fools'  truly  believe  that  the  United  Nations  is  going  to  save  the  world  one  day, the  truth  is  that  the  UN  is  a  Beast  with  no teeth  !!!  According  to  Bible  Prophecy  more  Holocausts  are  coming  and   just  like  almost  no country  did  anything  to  stop  the  holocaust  of  one  million  people  not  too  long  ago  in Rwanda  the  same  will  be  true  of  the  holocaust's  that  are  coming; that  is  why  the  state  of Israel  has  every  right   to  have  a  nuclear  program.  Most  have  nations  of  this  planet   have  so many  'ethnic  problems'  of  their  own  that  they  cannot  afford  to  help  other  nations  as it  is. History  has  shown  us  that  there  is  "NO"  'peace  and  security'   in  trusting  others  for  the  security  of one's  own  nation,  most  of  the  nations  of  this  planet  did  "NOT"  do  much  to  help  the  Jews   during  the  Holocaust  and  most  of  the  nations  also  did  "NOT" do  much  to  stop  the  genocide   that  took  place  in  1994  in  Rwanda,  Africa  !!!  It  is  also  "NO"  secret  that  ISIS  and  Boko  Harom  and  other  Islamic  Terrorist  groups   are  on   a  genocide   drive   against  all  Christians  in  the  Middle  East   and  in  North  Africa  and   you  don't  see  the  UN  nor  Obama  doing  much  to  stop   this  genocide  against  Christians and we are not even  in the  Tribulation  yet  !!!

Famines :  During  the  1980's  a  series  of  droughts  and  heatwaves  ( among other  things*) created   a  massive  famine  throughout  several   African  countries.  Millions  of  African  people were  starving  and  it  is  estimated  that  eventually  over  a  million  ultimately  starved   to  death in  just  in  these  two  countries  of  Africa  in  Ethiopia  and  Somalia.  Fortunately,  many  world  governments  and  global  institutions   poured  in  millions  of  dollars  via  food  donations,  international  help  was  slow  to  come  because  African  countries  lacked  good  infrastructure  and  lines  of  communication  and  distribution  to  distribute  such  a  global  aid.  Additionally,  it  was  no  secret  that  millions  of  dollars  and   food  aid   were  stolen  by  local  governments  and  strongmen  in  local  militias  that  should  have  been  distributed  to  the  starving  people  in  these  African  countries.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  you  to  understand   that  the  Global  Institutions  of  the  world   were  extremely  slow  in  ultimately  coming  to  the  aid  of  these  starving  African  countries  in   the  past  and  he  wants  you  to  understand  that  the  Book  of  Revelation   'guarantees'  that  a  global  famine  is  coming  upon  planet  Earth  when  the  2nd  Horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  is  unleashed  and  if  history  is  any  guide   most  of  the  nations  on  this  planet  are  "NOT"  going  to  be  in  any  position  to  share  their  food  supplies  during  that  horrible  time.

Nuclear  Catastrophe :  In  April  of  1986  the  Soviets  had  a  great  nuclear  accident  in  Chernobyl  and   they  did  "NOT"  warn  their  neighbors.  For  several  days   nuclear  radiation  made  its  way  all  the  way  to  Europe.  Eventually  over  350,000+  people  were  evacuated   and  it  is  no  secret  that   many  of  those  people  were  exposed  to  dangerous  and  lifelong  levels  of  radiation  which  have  severely   affected  their  health  and  lifespan.  On  March, 2011  in  Fukushima,  Japan  a  great  earthquake  produced  a  Tsunami  that  ultimately  led  to  the  nuclear  meltdown  of  its  reactors.  Since  the  nuclear  accident  the  Japanese   government   has  led  a  successful  campaign  in  keeping   things  under  wraps; the truth is that  a large   part of the Japanese  diet  ( fish*)  has  been  contaminated  by  the   nuclear  radiation  that  will  be  present  for  decades  in  and  around  the  Japanese  Seas.  Today  in  2016,  we  now  know  that  all  of  the  technicians  who  worked  inside  of  those  nuclear  reactors  are  all  dead  due  to  having  absorbed  large  doses  of  radiation.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   mentions  these  two  nuclear  accidents/incidents  to  tell  you  that  "NO"  government  on  planet  earth  is  truly  prepared  for  any  nuclear  war,  neither  the  Soviet  Union  and  Japan  were even   prepared  to  deal  with  a  nuclear  accident,  much  less  nuclear  war  and  according  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   nuclear  war  is  coming  to  planet  Earth.

Civil  Wars :  Not  many  people  are  aware  that  one of the largest  and  deadliest  civil wars  in  history  took place  in  China  during the years of 1850-1864, the Taiping  Civil War   produced  some  30  million  deaths, most deaths  were  attributed  to  famine  and  plagues  that  follow  any  prolonged  armed  conflict.  Presently  in 2016,  there are  numerous  ongoing  civil wars raging in :  South  America, Africa, Asia  and  obviously  in  the  Middle  East.  These  civil  wars  have  the  potential  to  explode  into  greater  conflicts;  such  as  what  is  happening  in  Syria  and  Nigeria.  The  Tribulation  period  has  "NOT"  yet  even  begun  and  a  large  part  of  this  world  is  already  mired  in  ongoing  armed  conflicts  with  no  end  in  sight.  It  is  also  "NO"  secret  that  there  is  already  an  ongoing  civil  war  in  the  Islamic  religion  raging  between  the  Shiites  and  the  Sunnis  as  to  who  will  dominate  the  Islamic  religion  and  the  Islamic  region.  The  Biblical  Prophecies  'guarantee'  that  the  world  is  going  to  explode  into  numerous  civil  wars  during  the  Tribulation  period, even  more  so  than  it  is  now  !!!                  (  Revelation  6 : 4 )

The  Rise  of  Hitler :  Amidst  economic  and  military  chaos,   Germany   in  1922-1923  seemed  to  have  no  future.  Hyperinflation  was  running  amok  people  were  desperate,  their  elected  leader  and  government   had  failed  them;  'alas'   until   a  survivor  of  World  War  I,  a  man   named  Adolph  Hitler  from  Austria   who  was  near  death  on  'two  ocassions'   was  somehow   saved  from  near  death  and  in  his  heart  was  something  called  'revenge'  that  kept  on  growing.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   mentions  Hitler  because  the  GOD  of  the  Holy  Bible   warns  us  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  Daniel,   that   another  one  the  likes  of  Hitler  will  ascend  to  power  during  the  final  days;   but  only  this  time  he  is  "NOT"  going  to  make  the  same  mistakes  that   crippled  Hitler  conquests  during  World  War  II.   In  the  future,  the  European  Union  is  going  to  produce  yet  another  totalitarian  and  he  is  going  to  military  attack  and  conquer   much  of  the  Middle  East;  Israel  included;  just  like  the  ancient  Roman  Empire  did  during  the  time  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!!

Economic  Collapse :  During  the  years  of  1998-2002  the  South  American  country  of  Argentina  went  through  a  great  depression.  It  is  now  known  that  the  Russian  and  Brazilian  financial  crises  during  the  late  1990's   directly  and  indirectly  caused  the  Argentinian  economy  to  go  into  a  tailspin  and  as  a  result;  massive  widespread : unemployment,  hyperinflation, riots  and  the  ultimate  fall of  the  government  as  well  as   the  default  on  its  international  loan  obligations.   The  Biblical  Prophecies  guarantee  that  what  happened   to  Argentina's  economy  during  the  late  1990's  is  going  to  repeat  itself  on  a  global  scale  in  the  future  during  the  7  year  Tribulation  period;  as  it  is  today  in  2016   most  of  the  190+  sovereign  countries  on  planet  Earth    are  near  bankruptcy  or   their  economic  system  is  already  pegged  to  either  the  U.S. Dollar  or  the  EURO.  The  666  Mark  of  the  Beast  will  be  introduced  only  'AFTER'  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  make  their  world  tour  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  interprets  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  as  the  purveyors  of  World  War  III.

Spread  of  Super  Viruses:    Experts  at  the  Center  for  Disease Control  ( CDC )  know  fully  well that   it  is  just  a  matter  of  time  before  a  new  and  super  strain  of  :  Ebola, Zika   and  others Viral  Diseases  will  emerge in the future  that  will  have  no  cure   with  current  vaccines.   According   to  the  Biblical  Prophecy  found  in  Revelation   6 : 8,  The 4th and last  'Pale Horsemen'  will  produce  awful  plagues  and  diseases  brought  about  with  the help of wild animals and  it  is  interesting to note that   'Ebola'  is  a  plague  that  jumps  from  animals  to  humans  ( transferred from animals to humans*).   If  there  is  one  thing  that  every  medical  Doctor  or Historian  knows  is  that  shortly  after  any  'prolonged  war'   when  human bodies   are left  rotting; diseases  quickly  begin  to  spread  and  that  is  exactly  what  will  happen  when  the  4 Horsemen of the   Apocalypse   gallop  through  planet  earth  in  the  future  during  World  War  III.

In  conclusion,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  shown  you  through  various  examples  how 'ill  prepared'  the  world  is   to  what  is  coming  upon  planet  earth  in  the  not  so  distant  future.  If  history  is  any  guide   the  vast  majority  of  the  nations  of  this  world  are  "NOT"  even  closely  prepared   to   ultimately  help  their  citizens  when  'all  hell  breaks  loose'  during  the  Tribulation  period.  In  the  past   virtually  all  the  humanitarian  agencies  of  the  world  dragged  their  feet  to  help   those  in  need.   Additionally,  bureaucracy,  language  barriers, indemic  corruption  at  all  levels  and   poor  infrastructures   did  not  allow  help  to  reach  on  a  timely  basis  those  most  in  need.  As  you  can  see  the  United  Nations   can  "NOT"  solve  most  of  the  global  problems  and  wars  that  are  raging  planet  Earth  right  now  !!!   How  can  anyone  expect  them  to  solve  them  in  the  future  when  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  things  will  only  get  much, much  worse  ?

It  gives  me  "NO"  pleasure  to   crunch  the  numbers  and  totals;   "BUT"  according  to  the  Book of   Revelation, 25%  of  the  population  of  this  planet   perishes  solely during the  time  of  the  4 Horsemen, then  another   'one-third' of the world's population perishes   in Revelation 9 : 14, and when  we  add   all  of   7 plagues, 7 bowls and 7 Trumpet  judgements  'conservatively speaking'  it  is  estimated  that   another  20%  of the world's population dies from these : plagues, bowl and trumpet  judgements; that  leaves   only  some   1.5-2 billion  people  alive  when  our  Lord  Jesus Christ   physically returns   !!!   (  this  means  that  around  80%  of  the  world's  population  will "NOT" survive   all  the  death  and  destruction  of  the   7 year  Tribulation  period  ***)

BY :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   has  been  studying  the  Book  of  Revelation  for  years  and  each  time  he  studies  and  reads  the  Book  of  Revelation  he  learns  something  new,  it  truly  is  a  great  blessing   to  read  and  keep  the  words  and  the  message  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  "NOT"  delight  in  the  death  of  the  wicked  nor  of  the  unrepentant  sinner;   he  knows  that  he  too   deserves  the  fire  of  hell  "BUT"   because  of  what  Jesus  Christ  did  on  the  Cross  of  Calvary  he  knows  that  he  is  saved  by  the  shed   blood  of  Jesus  Christ  and  by  the  pure  grace  and  mercy   of   an  Almighty  and  Loving  GOD  !!!

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According  to  Islamic  tradition,  the  'Prophet  of  Islam : Muhammad'  was  born  in the city of Mecca  in 570  A.D.  By  then  in  570  A.D.  the  Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars  had  already  reached  its  peaked,  during that   Century  the Roman Empire was  already  in decline  and   most  importantly  of  all  it  had  already  fulfilled  the   key  role  of  the  first  part  of  the  4th  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   !!!    The  rise  and  fall  of  Islam   is  happening  historically  'in  between'  the  first   and the last phase  of  the  Roman  Beast   that  conquered  Israel;  destroyed  the  Jewish   Temple in Jerusalem  and  the  same  Imperial  power  that   crucified  JESUS  CHRIST   on  the cross  via  the  Roman  death  penalty  and  the  very  one  that  will  finally  manifest  itself  in  10 King's  during the Tribulation  period.  Islam  "SHALL"  see   its  demise   'before  and  during'  the final  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  of  ten  King's  that  shall  arise  in  the  final  days  in  the continent  of  Europe.  Let's  get  this  straight, this  student of Bible  Prophecy  stated  over  10  years ago   that  the  first   two  Beasts  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel    were  indeed   what  we  now call  Middle  Eastern   empires; ( Babylon  &  Medo-Persia*)   simply because of their  geography;  it should  also  be  noted   that   these two  Middle  Eastern  Beasts  were  "NOT"  Islamic,  Islam  had not   yet  and  remotely  appeared on  the  world  scene; these  two  Beasts  were  'Pagan'  clear & simple !!!  

In  sum, "NO"  Islamic   army  is  Prophesied  to  conquer  Israel  in  the  future  ( Amos 9: 15 )  just  like GOD  did in  the  past;  He  will  likewise  do  in  the  future; in the past  GOD  simply allowed  one Gentile  Empire  to  defeat  and  devour  the  previous  one  before  it  and in  the future  He  is going  to  allow  the  'Little  Horn'   and  his  high-tech  and  diabolically  led   war machine  to   militarily  defeat   most  of  the  Islamic  countries  before  the  'Abomination of Desolation' takes  place   !!!   (  Daniel  5 : 26-28 )   Hitler's  German  generals  perfected  and    introduced   the 'Blitzkrieg   War  Strategy'  on  an  unsuspecting  world  during  World  War  II  and  the  future 'Little  Horn'   is  going  to  perfect  it  even  more  with   a  horrific  diabolical   and  cold  blooded  lethality  during  the  Tribulation  period  !!!    Behold,  there  is  a  man  coming  that  will  literally  be   'ten times'    more  diabolical  than  Adolph  Hitler  and  who  won't  make  the  same  military mistakes   that  Hitler  made  in  the  past  (  like  attacking  Russia  during  Winter*)   Hitler   pulled  and  dragged  the  world  into  World  War  II  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  future  'Little  Horn'  in  Revelation  6   will  somehow   'pull, envelop  and  immerse'  the  world  into  World  War  III,  simply  because   of  the  fact  that  all  these  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse   end  up  killing  25%  of  the  world   !!!
(  Book  of  Revelation  6 : 8 )

On  December  11,  1917   the  victorious  British  General  Allenby  entered  Jerusalem   on  foot  after   previously  defeating  the  Islamic  army  of  the  Ottoman  Empire  in  the  region.  Allenby  chose  "NOT"  to  enter  into  Jerusalem  on  a  white  horse  nor  on  any  motorized  military  vehicle  out  of  respect  for  the  Holy  City  of  Jerusalem.  All  in  all,  the  British  casualties  for   the  conquest  of  Jerusalem  were  about  22,000  and  the  Ottoman  suffered  over  25,000  casualties;   there  is  "NO"  question  that  the  last  and  final  semblance  of  any  Islamic  Caliphate  ended  with  the  defeat   of  the  Ottoman  Empire  in  1917.  Since  World  War  I,  most  Islamic  nations   have  lagged  further  and  further  behind  the  industrial  and  technological  progress  that  has  transformed  the  West  and  the  East.  The  Holy  Bible  and  its  Prophecies  guarantee  that  the   2nd  and  final   manifestation  of  the  10  King's  will  also  be  epicentered  in  what  was  the  heart  of  the  Roman  Empire  and  is  now  Italy  and  Europe;  wars  are  coming  that  will  forever  change  the  global  economy  of  this  planet;  while  several  Islamic  countries  are  replete  with  Oil;   when  war  comes   'food  and  drinkable  water'  will  become  more  valuable  than  even   this  black  gold   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  mentions  this  historical  fact   because   there  are  various  'Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy'   teaching  that  there  is  going  to  be  a  final  Islamic  Caliphate  and  you  know  who  they   'Quote'  ?  it  most  certainly  is  "NOT"  the  Holy  Bible;  but   the  Islamic  Koran;  the  very  false   prophecies  of  a  False  Prophet  !!!   If  you  hear  a  'believer'  quoting  to  you   the  Prophecies  of  a  False  Prophet  as  if  they  were  part  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  you  better   start   questioning  them  &  their  teachings !!!

The  Last  two  Beasts   defeated  the  first  two  Beasts  and  the  global  power  shifted  to  the  West. 'Greece  and  Rome'  ( the final 2 Beasts of Daniel*)  literally  conquered  the   what  we  now  call  the  Middle  East; Israel  included   !!!   If  you  know  your   world  history  you  know  that   several  other  gentile  empires  arose   and  fell  through  the  centuries; "BUT"  all  those  other  gentile  powers   had  nothing  if  any  to  do  with  the  Middle  East  and   especially  with  Israel.

The  Book  of  Daniel  reveals  to  us  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   controls  human  history;  GOD  allows  the  rise  of  4  Gentile  Empires  symbolized  in  the  4  Beasts of Daniel  to  conquer  Israel  militarily;  yet  at  the  same  time  it  is  GOD  who  allows  the  2nd  Beast  to  devour  and  conquer  the  1st  Babylonian  Beast  and   it  is  God  who  allows  the  3rd  Greek  Beast  to  devour  the  2nd  and  the  4th  Roman  Beast  to  devour  the  3rd  Greek  Beast  !!!  In  other  words,  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  has  the  absolute  power   to  allow  the  enemies  of  Israel  to  literally  also  turn  against  each  other  and  isn't  that  exactly  what  is  taking  place  over  much  of  the  Middle  East  today ?

 According  to  the  history  books   the  Ottoman  Caliphate. under  the  Ottoman  Dynasty  of  the  Ottoman  Empire  , was  the  final  Sunni  Islamic  Caliphate  of  the  medieval  and   modern  era. The  Ottoman  Empire   arose  and  collapsed    when  the  state  of  Israel  was  politically  'non-existant.'  The  Ottoman  rulers  claimed  caliphal  authority  because  through their  military  conquests  and  unification  of  Islamic  lands  it  became  the  defender  of  the  Islamic  holy  cities  of  Mecca  and  Medina.   Please  let  me  cut  to  the  chase  and  get  to  the  point;  the  Ottoman  Empire  was  "DEFEATED"  by  Western  powers  and   especially  by  the  military  might  of  the  British  Empire  !!!   

Strenghtened  by  the  Peace  of  Westphalia  and  the  Industrial  Revolution,  European  powers  regrouped  and  challenged  Ottoman  dominance;  and  because  of :  poor  leadership, outdated  political  norms  and  an  inability   to  keep  pace  with  the  technological  progress  in  Europe,  the  Ottoman  Empire  could  not  effectively  compete  or  challenge  the  resurgence  of  the  new  Europe  and  thus  it  lost  its  position  in  the  heart  of  the  Middle  East  and  before  thew  world    as  one  of  the  world's  great  powers.   Even  today,  as   disunified  and  clogged  with  challenges  as  the  EU   may  presently  seem,  the  fact  and  reality  is  that   the  Arab-Islamic  nations   are  in  a  far, far  worse :  economic,  military  and  political  condition.  Egypt,  Libya, Syria and  Iraq  just to mention a few  are  on the borderline   of  being  called  failed  states  if  they  aren't  there  already.  

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   had  to   go  over  these  "KEY"  pieces  of   world  history  because   the  current  and  present  ruthless  President  of  Turkey  Mr. Erdogan   seems  to  want  to  bring  about  the  final   Islamic  Caliphate  with  him  as  its  chief  head  "BUT"  according  to  Bible   Prophecy   that  'Ain't'   going  to  ever,  ever  happen;  because  according  to  the  Prophecy  of  Amos  9 : 15,  Israel  "SHALL  NEVER"  again  be  uprooted  from  the  land  after  GOD  ALMIGHTY  brought  them  back   from  amongst  the  nations  after  some  1900+  years  in  a  global  diaspora  !!!   The   Arab  Islamic  nations  had  their  chance  in  1948  and  1967  and  they  couldn't  defeat  Israel  then,  nor  are  they  destined  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  to  ever  defeat  Israel  militarily  in  the  future;  especially  in  today's  age  where  Israel  has  over  200+  nuclear  weapons  pointed  at  most  Islamic  countries  !!!

According  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  only  one  who  will  be  able  to  temporarily  defeat  Israel militarily  in  the  future  will  be  the  future  and  endtimes  western  Roman  'Little  Horn'   !!!  The  present   'Wanna  be  Stalin'  of  Turkey :  Mr. Erdogan    appears  to  perceive  a  vacuum  of  power  in  the  Islamic  world  and  he  sure  is  trying  to  do  everything  in  his  power  to  fill  that  political  and  religious  vacuum.  It  is  tragic  that  Mr.Erdogan   has  learned  nothing  from  the  likes  of  : Lybia's  Gaddafi,  Egypts   Mubarak  and  other  Islamic  despots  !!!  To  me  Mr. Erdogan  is  like  an  'open  book'   he's  seriously  trying  to  be  slick  with  both  Russia  and  Israel  even  after  just  one  year  ago  he  was   almost  at  war  with  both.  Mr.Putin  is  "NOT"  naive  he  knows  what   how  to  play  Erdogan   and  Israel  is  no  fool   they  also  know  that  Mr.Erdogan  is  up  to  no  good;  for  a  'Leopard  cannot  change  his  spots' ( Jeremiah  13 : 23 )  Mr. Erdogan  already  long  ago  showed  his  true  face  to  both  Russia  and  Israel   and  they  are  just  playing  the  leader  of  Turkey  to  see  what  he's  up  to   !!!

As  a  student  of  history   you  and  I  know  that :  despots, dictators  and  totalitarians   usually "NEVER"   allow  any  other  power   to  subdue  them  nor  do  they  like  sharing  power.  This student  of  Bible  Prophecy  states  this  because   some  'dazed  and  confused'  teachers  of  Bible Prophecy  are  wrongly   teaching  that  10  Islamic  nations  are  going to come together in the future to  produce  the  final  10  King's  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  The  truth  is  that 'presently'  most  Islamic  countries  in  the  Middle  East  are  so  "Messed  Up"    that  it's  going  to take  them  decades  to   rebuild   all  the  mess  that  has  been  produced   by  the  civil  wars  still taking  place   throughout  several   Islamic  Middle  Eastern  countries.

Mr. Erdoagn is a well  educated  individual  he  knows  his  history  and  he  fully  knows  that  his country  of  Turkey  is  "NEVER"   going  ro  be  fully  admitted  into  the  European  Union  and after  all  the  political  persecutions  that   he  is   now   doing   it  is  even  less  likely   that  the  EU will  ever,  ever  admit  Turkey  as  the  lone  Islamic  country  in  the  European  Union  !!!  Mr. Erdogan  is  no  fool   "BUT"  neither   are  all  of  his  adversaries   in  Europe, Russia, the Middle  East  &  in  Israel   !!!   Remember   all  the  great  plans  Iran's  former  leader  'Ahmadinejad'  had ?

Neither  Turkey's  President  : Mr.  Erdogan    nor  any  Islamic  Caliphate  are  Prophesied  in  the  Holy  Bible  to   overtake  Israel  in  the  future;  this  means  that  all  the   ambitions  that  Mr. Erdogan  may  have   are  just  that  'ambitions'   !!!  Mr.Erdogan   is  playing 'both sides of the fence'  by  courting  Russia's  Putin  and  yet   being  a  member  of  NATO  at  the  same  time;  Turkey  is  "NOT"  a  nuclear  power, the only   nuclear  weapons  Turkey  does  have  all  need  secret  codes  from  NATO  to  be   armed  and  usable  and   according  to  the  latest  intelligence  reports   the  U.S.   is  working  on  moving  all  of  the  50+  tactical  nuclear  missiles   out  of  Turkey  and  into  Romania  due  to  the  worsening  relations  between  Turkey  and  the  West.

Mr.  Erdogan  is  "NO"  military  genius,  Turkey  is  "NO"  match   for  any  Western  nuclear  power with   a  formidable   airforce.  We  are  not  in  the  age  of  'millions  of  foot  soldiers'  just  like  we  are  not  in  the  age  of  trench  warfare  and  tank  warfare,  we  are  in  the  nuclear  age  and  regardless  of  the  size  of  Turkey's  1+  million  footsoldier  army,   one  tactical  nuclear  weapon  aimed   at  its  army  is  enough  to  bring  Mr.  Erdogan  to  his  knees.

In  conclusion,  Turkey  and  Mr. Erdogan's  dream  for  an  Islamic  Caliphate   headed  by : Turkey, ISIS  or  Iran  are  going  to   become  a  reality  and  and  make  possible  the  conquest    of   Israel only   when  'Hell  Freezes  Over'  !!!   My  friends,   Turkey's, ISIS  and  Iran's   dreams  of  an Islamic Caliphate  conquering  Jerusalem  are  "NEVER"  going  to  happen,  according  to the Biblical Prophecies !!!  Yes,  Islamic  terrorism  will  continue  "BUT"  no  one  should  confuse  this type  of   'guerrilla  warfare'   with   the  true  and  'total  warfare'   that  is  coming  against  and  upon most  Islamic  countries  in  the  future  via   'Fire  from  the  Sky'  or  in  modern  technological lexicon : strategic  nuclear  strikes ***(  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki   shall  "NOT"  be  the  only  two  cities  on  planet  Earth  that will  have  suffered  nuclear  destruction  in  this  final  generation )         (  Isaiah   17 : 1   and  Zechariah   14 : 12 )

By :  Mario  Romano,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  prays  that  GOD  Almighty  will  open  the  spiritual  eyes  of  millions  of   both : Islamic  people  and  Jewish  people  concerning   the  saving  grace  of   :  JESUS  CHRIST   !!!    Without  the  blood  of  Jesus  "NO"  human  being  can  overcome   'the  god  of  this  world.'   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  been  studying  and  researching  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  for  over  20+  years  and  it  is  his  humble  prayer   that  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  will  guide  this  vessel  to  all  truth  concerning  the  4th  and  final   Roman  Beast  that  is  prophesied  to  once  again   militarily  attack  Israel  in  the  future   just  like  the  Roman  armies  once  did   some  2000  years  ago   !!!

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In  1804,  Napoleon  Bonaparte,  recognized  the  vast   political  and  religious  power  that  the  Roman  Pontiff   held  in  Europe  and  allowed  himself  to  be  coronated  by  the  Roman  Pope  Pius  V II,  as  the  emperor  of   all  of  France.  Through the centuries  numerous  Popes  crowned   the  King's  of  Europe  and  it  has  never  been  any  secret  that   the  struggle  for  power  between   European  King's  and  the  Roman  Popes   came  to  shape  the  modern  day  Europe  of  today  !!!   Presently,  in  2016  "NO"  other  Roman  Catholic  country  on  planet  earth   maintains  the  strength  and  significance  of  France.   France  is  a  key  player  in  the  endtimes  because  Germany  has been  in  a  military  'disarming  state'  since  World War  II,  for 'obvious  reasons'  and  since  the  Brexit,   France  has  become  the  major  nuclear  power  in  all  of  the  European  Union.  ( aside from NATO*)  Today,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  would  like  to  put  the spotlight  and  focus  on  one  of  the  most   underestimated   endtime  Bible  Prophecy  actors  mentioned   in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  If  you  happen  to  be  from  that religion  there  is  still  'Yet'  hope  and  salvation  for  you   according  to  the  Holy  Bible  (  Revelation  18 : 4 )  Although  a  very  large  percentage  of  Europeans  and  French  citizens  claim  to  be  embrace : secularism, humanism  and  atheism; the  truth  is  that  Roman  Catholicism  still  plays  a  major  cultural   role  behind  most  European  and  French  customs  and   holidays.  And  you  better  believe  that  when  the  Tribulation  period  commences   most  will  'Get  very  Religious'   for fear of what  is coming  !!!    (  after  the  events  of  September  11, 2001   most  American  Churches  began  to  see  significant  increases  in  attendence *)

 The  religious  leaders  of    Islam  and  Roman  Catholicism   boast   in  being  the  two  largest  religions  on  planet  Earth  and  according  to   numerous   experts;  Islam   is  gaining   more  and  more  adherents   in Africa  and  in  Asia.  Roman  Catholicism   for  its  part   has  some  1.2+  billion  followers  located  mostly  in : North, South  and  Central  America  as  well  as  throughout  most  of  Europe.  According  to  one  of  the  latest  articles  in  ForeignPolicy  magazine,  some  Islamic  Jihadists   would  love  to  begin  a  'Clash  of  Civilizations'  a  modern  day  Crusade   and they are trying  their  best  by :  destroying  Christian  Churches,  persecuting  believers  &  even  killing   priests; not just  in the Middle  East  but  now  even  in  France !

According  to  'some'   demographic  experts   Islam  is  spreading  like  wildfire  throughout  parts  of Asia  and  Africa  "BUT"  the  truth  is  that   Islam    is  "NEVER"  ever  going  to  dominate  the entire  planet  and  much  less  Europe;  the  truth  is  that  'Neither' :  Islam  nor  Roman  Catholicism, nor  even   true  Christianity   nor  Judaism   will  be  the  official   religion  of   the  Beast  of  Revelation,  according  to  'SEVERAL'  passages  in  the  Book  of  Revelation 13 : 4, 13 : 8  , 13 : 15 ,  the  endtimes   'Man  of  Sin'  is  going  to  persecute   'Anyone'  who  does  not  bow  down  to  his  unholy  governmental  system  and  this  will  include   millions  of  : Muslims, Catholics, Christians, Jews  and anyone else who questions and   oposses  his   endtimes   Satanic  religion   !!!

According  to  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  in  the  final  days  'Nation  shall  rise  against  Nation; and Kingdom  against  Kingdom; somehow  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  this  Prophecy   has  "NOT"  yet  fully  been  fulfilled;  I  believe  that   it  will  be  fully  fulfilled  when  the  2nd  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  is  set  loose  on  planet  Earth  !!!

As  you  may  know  there  are  several  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  that   since  September  11, 2001  have  been   teaching  'erroneously'  that  the  final  Beast  of  Revelation  will  be   Muslim.  The  truth  is  that  the  Bible  Prophecies  are  able  to  interpret  themselves   if  we  let  them;  according  to  Revelation  17 : 18,  Rome   will  once  again   will  continue  to  play  a  key  role  in  the  endtimes  and  "NOT"  Mecca  !!!   If  you  know  your  history  you  know  that  the  European  Imperial  powers  during  the  time  of  exploration   conquered  a  very  large  part  of  the  world  and  they  weren't  limited  just  to  the  'New  World'  in :  North  America.  Great Britain  itself conquered a large part  of  India and part of China, the British  also  colonized  parts  of   Africa and North America,  in  contrast  the  Muslim  Empires  that  have  arisen  throughout  history  have  only  been  limited  to  Asia, North Africa  and the Iberian Peninsula.   The truth is that  it were  European  powers  who  literally  'Carved'  out  the  geographic  boundaries  of  the  modern  Middle  East   !!!  ( the Sykes-Picot  Treaty of 1916 , the arrangements  that  the  French and British  created   both before and after  World War  I,  established the very existence of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan  and made possible the  re-establishment  of  Israel  itself  !!! )   Maps  of  the Middle  East  Pre-1916   did  "NOT" include these countries simply  because  these   future countries were  all  part  of  the  Ottoman  Empire,  the  Ottoman  Empire  "LOST"  to  the  British forces  and anyone  who  tells  you  that  the  Ottoman  Empire  will  rise  again  is  "LYING"  to you,  the  truth is  that  most  if  not  all  Arab  Islamic  countries  have  "NO"  heavy  or  high-tech manufacturing capabilities,  most  of  them  never  diversified  their  economies  &  a  sole  dependence on Oil  revenue has  become  their  own  curse ! (  I  applaud  what  Qatar and the Emirates have been doing this past decade,  investing  their  Oil  riches   on  the  infrastructure  of  their own  countries and  creating  a  diversified economy  for the future well  being of their people, but  in countries such as : Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Iran  and  Iraq   the only thing it seems  at  what they  are  good at  manufacturing  and  exporting  is  suicide  bombers  and  terrorism  !!!  ) 

As  we  begin  this  article  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   reminds  everyone  that  Roman Catholicism  has  been  in  existence  longer  than  Islam  by  at  least  3  Centuries  and  the  Roman Catholic  Vatican  is  'thee  biggest  accumulator  of  wealth'  in  the  history  of  this  planet.  Each year  the  Vatican  unsuccessfully  tries  to  deflect  its  financial  wealth  by  stating  that  it  is operating  at a  loss, "BUT"  what  it  doesn't  tell  anyone  is  the   approximate  value  and  wealth  of centuries of  accumulation  when  it  was  literally  selling  heaven  and  salvation  through 'Indulgences'  !!!   It is  "NO"  secret  that  the  Roman  Catholic  religion  is  one  of  the  wealthiest  organizations  of  this  world  !!!  The  Vatican  is  the  only  religion  on  planet  earth  that  has  its  own  bank, 'The Vatican  Bank'  has  billions  in  assets  and  it  is  no  secret  that  billions  of  Euros  have  been  laundered  through  the  years  through  thousands of   hidden  and  secret  accounts  therein !!!

The  accumulated  Earthly  riches  of  the  past  16+  Centuries  long   ago  morally  corrupted  this  religious  institution  and  for  Centuries  she  too   corrupted  the  Kings  of  the  Earth   !!!  To  believe  that  the  Vatican  will   bow  to  Islam  is  to  be  ignorant  of  history  and  of  Bible  Prophecy  !!!

As  one  reads  this  article  the  reader  must  understand  that  it  isn't   anything  new  or really   surprising   as  to  the   true  identity  of   the   'Woman  Riding  the  Beast.'   The  truth is  that  she  has  been   riding   all  the   previous  encarnations   and  predecessors   of  this 'Roman  Beast'  for  centuries  since  313 A.D.  starting  with  the  reign  of  the Roman  Emperor Constantine !  The  only  difference between  the  final   Beast  of  Revelation   and  the  previous  ones'  is  that the  endtimes  one   will  be  the  final  manifestation   of  this  Roman  Beast  that  will   rise  in the  Tribulation period  with   10  horns / King's   !!!  The  'Woman  Riding  the  Beast'  is  adorned  with   great  Earthly  wealth  because  for  centuries  she  has  been  accumulating  great  amount  of  wealth  &  with   such  wealth  comes  power  and  corruption;  it  is  no  secret  that   for  centuries  she  was   literally  selling  eternal  life  and  salvation  through  indulgences;  as  the  King's  and  Queens  of  Europe   came  and  went  she  remained,  as  World  War  I  and  WW  II   came  and  went  she  still  remained  !  The  Book   of  Revelation  'GUARANTEES'  that  this  same  woman  that  symbolizes  a  global  religion   will   play  a   'Grand  and  Major  Unholy  Role'  during  the  rise  of  the  final  endtimes  Roman  Beast   with   10  Horns   too   !!!

The  recent  killing  of  a  Roman  Catholic  priest  not  in  war torn Syria  but  in  France   revealed  the  great  divide  between   the  Vatican  and  a  nuclear  France.   More  and  more  Frenchmen  are  understanding  that   the  war  against   militant  Islamists  is  "NOT"  to  be  underestimated,  according  to  the  rising  French  political   star   Marion  Le  Pen : " The  Islamists  are  killing  French  children,  assassinating  police  officers  and  slitting  the  throat  of  French  Catholic  Priests"  the  time  to   look  the  other  way  is  over.  The  French  have  been  in  a  state  of  emergency   for  a  large  part  of  2016  and  the  recent  attack  in  Normandy  and  Nice  has  only  served  to  extend  this  state  of  emergency.

According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  only  one   'religious'   global  woman   will  emerge victorious    midway   past  all  the  cataclysms  and  wars  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  here  to  forewarn  you  that  it  most  certainly  is  "NOT"  going  to  be  Islam   !!!   The  truth  is  that  according  to  all  the  Biblical  Prophecies  found  in  the  Old  Testament   and  New  Testament  a  series  of  endtime  wars  are  'yet'  coming  that  will  destroy   most  of  the  Islamic  nations,  there  are  over  45  Muslim  countries  on  planet  Earth  today  "BUT"   according  to  the  Biblical  prophecies  most  of  them  will  suffer  great  losses  and  suffer  great  destruction  by  the  coming  endtimes  wars  described  in  Ezekiel  37-39,  according  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  after  the  re-establishment  of  the  state  of  Israel  in  1948  GOD  ALMIGHTY  promised  that  Israel  would  "NOT"  see  military  defeat  anymore  (  Amos  9 : 15  )

 According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  only  one  who  will  temporarily  have  victory  over  Israel  in  the  Last  days  will  be  the  coming  'Roman  Little  Horn'   after  he  commits  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  the  beginning  of  Armageddon  will  have  been  initiated   right after  the  abomination  of  desaltion  takes  place  and   most   Jews  in  Israeli   will    seek   protection  and  salvation  outside  of  Israel's  borders  !!!  (  out  into  the   wilderness*)

This  student  of    Bible  Prophecy  is  "NOT"  here  to  incite  a  global  religious  war,  the truth  is  that   the  'Last  Crusade'  is  yet  to  be  fought  and  this  believer   knows  that  Islamic  Jihadists  will  be  the  one's    who  will  ultimately  provoke  a  'Nuclear  Response'  against  some  of  their  Islamic  countries  !!!   No  one  gets  to   provoke  a  Beast  and  walk  away  unscathed  !!!  The  Islamic  Jihadists  are  playing  with  fire;  sure  the  European  Union  'presently'  lacks  strong  leaders  with  some  backbone  "BUT"  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  that  will  "NOT"  always  be  so.   Islamic  Jihadists   are  making  possible  the  future  rise  of  the  endtimes  "Beast  of  Revelation'  with  each  Islamic  inspired   terrorist  attack  the  West  is  inching  more  and  more  into  a  'Martial  Law'  state !!!  Jjust  look  what  the  events  of  September  11,  2001   did  to  American  civil  liberties  and  now  that  the  militant  Muslims  are  focusing  most  of  their  attention  on  the  European  Union  you  better  believe  that    they  too  will  be   readjusting   their  immigration  laws  as  well  as  many  of  their  civil  liberties  in the name of  'National Security' !!!

The  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees   that  the  final  'Woman  Riding  the  Beast'  will  "NOT"  be  dressed   in  Islamic  attire, she  will  not  be  wearing  a  Burqa,  she  will  not  be  dressed  in  Islamic  colors,  she  will  not  be  dressed  very  conservative;  on  the  contrary  she  will  be  dressed   in  the  colors  used  by  Roman  Catholic  Cardinals,   wearing  a  great  number  of  pearls  and  gold   that  also  adorns  the  Pope's  golden  crown  and   she  will  have  a  Golden  Cup  in  her hand, the same  religious  symbol   raised  up  in  the  daily  Mass  of  Catholicism  all  over  the world  !!!  This  prophecy  guarantees  that  Islam  by  then  will  have  been  vanquished,  this student of  Bible  Prophecy  has  the  complete  and  utter  destruction  of  Mecca  in  Saudi  Arabia   finalized  and  fulfilled  in   Revelation   9 : 14  !!!  And  while  Roman  Catholicism  will  enjoy  rising  together  with  the  Beast  of  10  Horns  it  will  only  be  'Temporarily'   the  truth  is  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  only  utilize   the  Roman  Vatican    early  on  to  gain  absolute  control  in  Europe  "BUT"  then  he  will  turn  against  her;  the  truth  is  that  the  coming  'Little  Horn'   will  be  more  like  the  government   of  China  and  North  Korea,  in  both  of  these  totalitarian  countries   religion  is  almost   against  the  law,  the  state  or  the  face  of  the  state  is  god  !!!

If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  fully  aware  that  some  are  teaching  that   10  Islamic   nations  will  fulfill  the  Prophecy  of  Revelation  and  that  Turkey  will  re-ignite  the  Ottoman  Empire,  the  truth  is  that  most  of  the  Arab-Islamic  countries  in  the  Middle  East  are  bordering  near  chaos  and  anarchy, they  can  barely  feed  their  own  populations  and  the  Tribulation  period  hasn't  even  begun  !!!  Look  at  Syria  and  Iraq,  these  two  countries  will  need  'decades'  to  rebuild  their : infrastructure; their  water  supply  and  electrical  grid  have  been  undermined  and  decimated  by  years  of  war,  are  you  telling  me  that  10  Islamic  countries  are  going  to  dominate  the  rest  of  the  planet ?   'Please  !!!'

There  is  yet  another  Roman  Catholic  Pope  coming,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  "NOT"  a  Prophet,   he  states  this  simply  because   of  the  current  frail  health  and  age  of  this  present  Pope,   in  no  way  do  I  see  him  lasting  another  5+  years  because  the  Tribulation  period  is  7  very  challenging  years  and  we  haven't  begun  it.  Additionally,  according  to  the  chronology  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  there  are   'TWO'   Beasts  that  are  yet  to  arise  during  the  Tribulation  period,  the first  Beast  symbolizes  the  rise  of  the  final  10  King's  near  the  Mediterranean  Sea  and  the  second  Beast  arises  from  the  land, the 2nd  Beast  is  a  global  religious  leader  that will  serve  almost  an  identical  and  reprising  role  as  the  one  that   coronated  and  legitimized   Napoleon  Bonaparte  in  1804   !!!

During  the  days  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  the  Roman  Caesar  was  in  control  of  the  Mediterranean  region  and  Islam   hadn't  even  been  invented  by  Mohammed  yet  and  when  the  Prophecy  of  Revelation  17  happens   the  new  Roman  Empire  of  10  King's  will   also  be  initially   legitimated  by  a  future  Roman  Catholic  Pope  and  'me  thinks'   that   the  Vatican  will  be  very,  very, very   grateful  because   the  final  Crusade   will  have  achieved  what  no  other  Crusade  achieved  in  all  of  history  !!!  Obviously  they  will  not  call  it  the  'Last  Crusade'  but   after   all  of  the  nuclear  fallout  clears   from  several   Islamic  countries   it  will  be  very  evident  that   human  history  will  never  be  the  same.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  upcoming  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  in  several  European  Cities  will  continue,  the  truth  is  that  the  European  elites   are  being  naive  against the  war  on  Islamic  Terrorism,  "BUT"  one  day  the  Islamic  Jihadists  are  going  to  cross  the  line  and  give  the  upcoming  'Little  Horn'   the  opportunity  of  a  lifetime, the  coming  'Little  Horn'   is  going  to  seem  to  be  the  saviour  of  Europe  and  to  some  degree  of  Western  Civilzation  and  even  of  Israel   !!!   "BUT"  you  and  I  know  better,   he  will   have  sinister  plans  not  only  for  Europe  and  the  Middle  East  but  also  for  the  rest  of  the  world  !!!

In  conclusion, this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  here  to  tell  you  that  the  Roman  Catholic  Vatican  is  destined  to  play   a  major  role  during  the  final  7  year  Tribulation  period.  The  Roman  catholic  Religion  shall  be  that  'Woman  who  Shall  be  Riding  the  Beast'  of  Revelation  17   !!!  The  truth  is  that  she  already  has  been  riding  for  centuries   the  preceeding  European  Beasts  ( gentile  Kingdoms  of  Europe*)   and  she  will  also  be  the  one  riding  the  final  encarnation  and  form  of  the  final  10  horned  Beast  of  Revelation  !!!  The  10  King's  will  know  her  and  she  knows  all  about  them  ; between  them  there  are  no  secrets  for  it  is  no  secret  that  she  has  been  doing  'Unholy  Deals'  with  most  of  the  Totalitarians  and  King's  of  Europe  in  the  past  !!!!   Napoleon, Mussolini  and  Hitler  are  just  a  few  !!!  For  her  to  still  have  so  much  sway  and  power  and  influence  in  the  Tribulation  period  means  that  'Most'  Roman  Catholic  children  of  hers  will  "NOT"  be   taken  away  like  the  5  Virgins    !!!

Very  truly,  the  sins  of  the  Roman  Vatican  have  been  piling  up  unto   Heaven  since  390  A.D.  her  sins  of  :  persecution,  heresy,  adultery,  greed,  theft,  assassinations,  political  and  religious  corruption, claims  of  infallability  and  centuries  of  sexual  abuses  just  to  name  a  few   are  an  ABOMINATION   to  the  HOLY  GOD   who  rules  from  Heaven   !!!

There's  nothing  'Personal'  about  this  article,  many  Muslims  already  believe  that  Mecca  shall  be  destroyed   according  to  their  own   Koranic  Prophecies   ( just google the subject*) ,  Mecca will  be  destroyed  first  and  then  the  Vatican,  the  truth  is  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is   set  on  erasing  all  religions  including  of  course  Judaism  because   he  wants   everyone  to worship   his  unholy  boss ;  ""The Ancient  Dragon"   !!!  ( Revelation  13 : 4  )  Unfortunately, what Islamic  fundamentalists  are  doing   is  giving  all   religious  believers   a  bad  name,  the endtimes 'Little  Horn'  will   legally  be  able  to  persecute  "ALL"  religious  fundamentalists   alike   be  they : Islamic, Christian  or  Jewish;  all  will  be  considered  enemies  of  the  state  !!!

In  sum,  the  Roman  Catholic  Religion  has  already  survived  the : Black Plague ( bubonic  plague ), several  Crusades,  unfriendly  European  King's  and  Emperors,  the  backlash  of  its  unholy Inquisitions,  scandal  after  scandal  by  several  of  its  260+   Popes  through  the  Centuries  and  numerous   sexual  scandals;  the  rise of  Mussolini  and Hitler  and  despite  Centuries  of   unholy  acts    it  is  still   a  major  'Religious'   power  in  2016  !!!  She  will  also   sell  her  soul  to  the  final  'Little  Horn'  but  he  will  ultimately  order  her  final  destruction   'after'  he   uses  and  abuses  her  for  his  political  gain !

The  Roman  Catholic  religion   is   properly   described  as  a  'Harlot'  by  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  because   she  has  been   selling  herself  for  Centuries  to  the  highest  political  bidder  and  to  add  'insult  to  injury'  despite  all  of  her   unholy  past  and  history  she  still  has  the  'AUDACITY'  to   still  present  herself  and  call  herself  the  'true'   and Holy  &  Apostolic  Church  of  Jesus  Christ   in  these  last   days   !!!

The  final   'Woman  who  will  be  Riding  the  Beast'  will  be  the  Roman  Catholic  Harlot,  most  of  the  40+  Islamic  nations  and   the  over 1.3+ billion   Muslim  population   of this Earth  will  have  suffered  'Great  &  Horrible  Losses'  by  the  time  Revelation  17  comes  into  fulfillment  !
The  truth  is  that  history  will  repeat  itself  in  the  European  Continent  and  most  of  the  Islamic  population  will  be  either :  expelled,  forcefully  relocated,  kicked  out   and  persecuted  out  of  Europe  in  the  future   through   the  use  of  martial  laws  and  a  continued  'state  of  emergency' in  several  EU  countries.  Islamic  countries    are  under  a  'CURSE'  for  continually  cursing   Israel  and  its  Jewish  population  ( Genesis  12  )  how  else  do  you  explain  the  fact  that  over  240+  million  Arab  Muslims  and  40+  Islamic  nations  and   about  a  dozen  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  have  "NOT"   been  able  to  militarily  defeat   Israel   since  its  rebirth  in  1948 ?

Islam,  will  "NEVER"   take  over  Europe,  we  don't  have  another  generation,  10%  of  France's population  is  Muslim;  during the coming   Prophesied  Middle  East  wars  and  during the 7 year Tribulation  period  most  Muslims   will  be  "KICKED"  out  of  Europe  just  like  the  Moors  were  kicked  out  of  the  Iberian  Peninsula  in  the  past,  the  truth  is  that  Islamic  countries  are  "ALREADY"   doing  this  to  Christians  all  over  the  Middle  East  "Right  Now"  Muslim's  are :  persecuting believers,  burning  down  temples  &  churches,  raping  female believers;  so  don't  be  surprised  at  what  is  coming  against  most  Islamic  countries  in  the  future ***

By: Mario  Romano, this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  was  born  and  grew  up  in a  very Catholic  environment  and  country.   Today,   he  is  "SAVED"  by  the  sheer  grace  of  GOD, this  servant  of  Jesus  knows  that  "ONLY"  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  can  appease  GOD ALMIGHTY  !!!   Mario  prays  for  the  salvation  of  both  Catholics  and  Muslims, this   servant  of  GOD  knows  that   unless  a  man  or  a  woman  is  'Born  Again'  they  cannot enter  into  the  Kingdom  of  GOD.  The  truth  is  that  "NO"  Jew  nor  Gentile   will  be  allowed  to  enter  the  Kingdom  of  GOD  without  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!  One  can  try  to  follow  all  the  religious  'hocus  pocus'  rituals  and  exercises  that  they  want  "BUT"  without  true  repentence  of  all  of  our  sins  and  the  shed  blood  of  Jesus  Christ  there  will  be  "NO"  forgiveness   !!!