Monday, September 11, 2017


..."The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end."   -  Book  of  the  Prophet   Daniel  9 : 26

Officially,   the  U.S.  war  in  Afghanistan  has  become  America's  longest  War   !!!   American  soldiers  have  now  been  fighting  Al-Qaeda  and  the Taliban  in  the  harsh  and  extreme  Afghanistan  terrain  for  16  long  years  !!!  Although,  to  most  Americans, the  American  military  (  and  our NATO  allies*)   may  not  enjoy  having  a  very : clear,  quick  and  tangible  'conventional  victory'  in   the  almost  'Failed  State  of  Afghanistan'   there  is  no  question  that  the  American  military  forces  there  have  greatly  'denied  and  prevented'  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  from : planning,  training  &  launching  terrorists  attacks  on  a global  scale !!!  Amazingly, the  'War  against  Islamic  Terrorism'  is  now  nearing  two  decades  with  'NO'  real  end  in  sight;  thus  helping  to  make  the   Prophecy  of  Daniel  9 : 26   an  ever  present  reality  for  these  Last  Days  !!!   The  number  one   thing  we  have  learned  the  'hard  way'  is  that   Islamic  Radicals  are  as  'hell  bent'  on   attacking  Western  targets  and  Israel  as  much  as  16  years  ago  !!!  Islamic  Jihadism  is  a  Beast   that  quickly  re-grows  another  head   once  the  old  one   is  chopped  off;   ISIS, Hezbollah  and  other   Islamic  Terrorist  groups  are  ample  evidence  of  this.   Furthermore,  the  disproportionate   high  number  of   underemployed  and  unemployed  Islamic  young  men   from  all  over  the  Middle  East   together  with   a  surge  in   social  Apps  and  social  networks  guarantees  that there  are  millions  of  young  men  eager  to  fill  in  and  heed  a  perpetual  Islamic  Jihad.  Ladies  and  Gentlemen  'ONLY'  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  be  able  to  defeat  all  the  other  Beasts;  Liberal  Western  Politically  Correct  leaders  have  failed, 'NO'  Western  leader  wants  to:  confront, label  and  attack  Islamic  Terrorists  like  the  new  NAZI's  of  this  21st  Century   (  what  NAZI's  and  Islamic  Terrorists  have  in  common : both sought the  destruction of the Jews  and  expansion by the sword/ machine gun  as well  as  a  dictatorial leader  be  it  Hitler or an  Iraninan Ayatollah ) !!!  When  the  'Little  Horn'  arises  with  all  his  'full  powers'  you  and  I  know  that  he  only  has  3  and  a  half  years;  yet  in  Revelation  13 :4,  the  world  will  already  be  asking;  "Who is like the Beast and who is able to make war against  him ?"  Obviously,  Mr. 'Little  Horn'   is  'NOT'  going  to  wage  war  against  Islamic  Militants  the  same  way  it  is  being  presently  done   !!!  

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Theology  wishes  that  he  could  totally  focus  on  the 'Streets  of  Gold'  in  the  New  Jerusalem  'BUT'  our  ever  present  reality  is  that  we  are  still inhabiting   'Fallen  Planet  Earth'  replete  with  numerous : incurable  diseases,  dictators,  sexual perverts, corrupt  politicians, Islamic  Terrorists,  Drug  cartels  and  unscrupulous  global bankers who  see  their  fellow  human  beings  as  their  rightful  and  deserving  victims;  it  is  no wonder  why  some  people  resort  and  succumb  to  depression  and  suicide  everyday  on  planet earth;  sometimes  it  all  seems  'FUTILE',  sometimes  it  all  seems  in  vain  'BUT'  those  of  us who  have  received  the  POWER  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT   have  millions+  of  reasons  to  keep fighting  the  good  fight  !!!  For "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."    - Book of Revelation  21 : 7

On  September  11, 2001   some  19  mostly  Saudi  Arabian  Islamic  Terrorists / Hijackers  managed  to  accomplish   on  American  soil  what  'NO'  Russian  army, soldier  nor  general   managed  to  do  during  the  45  years  that  the  Cold  War  lasted.  It  is  estimated  that  the  entire budget  of  Al Qaeda   to  finance   those  19  Islamic  hijackers  was  around  $500,000   ( half  a  million  dollars*) It  is  estimated  ( and still  growing  $$$  figures )  that  the  entire  : military, rebuilding, insurance  and  other  costs   directly  related  to  9 / 11  have  surpassed :  the  total  American  costs of  World  War  II  !!!   An  estimated  $  6-12+  trillion   and  growing;  when  all  figures  and  costs  are  considered   !!!  ( included are the war  costs for Iraqi  &  Afghanistan war  costs*)   The  most  amazing  thing  about  all  of  this  is  that  some  16  years  after  9 /11  American  Military  is  still  very  much  involved  in  Afghanistan  as  well  as  in  other  key  regions  of  the  Middle  East  'TRYING'  to  somehow   neutralize  Islamic  Jihadism  !!!  The  'War  Against  Islamic  Jihadists'   has  now  officially  surpassed   World  War  II  as  well  as  the  Vietnam  War  in  both  time  and   $$$  costs;  even  if  not  yet   it   soon  will  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  to  demonize  most  Muslim's  'BUT'  there  is  a  very  real  'Spiritual  War'  taking  place  for  the  souls  of  men  as  well  as  for  the  destiny  of  entire  nations  and   this  fact  and  reality  is  one  that  is  'NOT'  being  teached  at  most  if  not  all  Western  Universities  and  Military  Institutions   !!!   Any  and  all   Military  Western  Personnel  that  ignores   the  'Spiritual  Dimension'  of   Islamic  Terrorism   is  fooling  themselves;   Islam  began  violently  and   will  end  in  a  great  violent   act   !!!  I'm  not  going  to  lie  to  you;   it's  all  going  to   end  like  what  took  place  in  Hiroshima  &  Nagasaki   several  decades   ago;  somehow  this  naive  human  being  doesn't  think  that  millions+  of  Islamic  young  men   are  going  to   just   forget   all  the  warfare  that  has  been  taken  place   all  over  the  Middle  East  and  even  though  the  U.S.  is   'NOT'  the  one  to  blame;  their   religious  leaders   are  going  to  keep  pointing  the  finger   at  Western  countries  and  the  cycle  of  violence   is   unfortunately  not  going  to  end  anytime  soon  just  as   Daniel  9 : 26   Prophesies  !!!

This  student of  Bible  Prophecy  acknowledges  that  'UNFORTUNATELY'  there  will  be  another   9 /11   styled   terrorist  attack   'BUT'  not  against  America  this  time  'BUT'  against some  unsuspecting   European  target  in  the  future.   The  research  patterns  and  evidence  that  this  student  of   'historical  patterns'  has  studied   tells  him  that  such  an  event  is  going  to  be  one  of  several  reasons  that  helps  the  'Little  Horn'   to  rise  to  power  !!!   This  does  not  mean  that  Islamic  Terrorists  will  employ   similar   tactics  and  attacks  against  Western  targets;  ( airplanes  etc...)   it  means  that   they  will  use   anything  and  everything  that  can  cause  the  greatest  amount  of  destruction  on   their   limited  budget.  (  lately, they have been  renting cars and trucks to perpetrate  their  terrorism  across  some  European  city; example : mowing civilians  down  with  rented  cars  etc  )

This  student  of  Western  Civilization  and  World  History   knows  that  many  Europeans  perceive  the  U.S.  to  be  a  'War  Mongering  Nation'  most  Europeans  ( but not  all*)  truly  believe  that  if  America  stopped   putting  its  'nose  into  everyone's  business'  then  we  wouldn't  be  in  the  mess  we  are  all  in.  Most  European's   sincerely  and  very  'NAIVELY'   believe  that  if  we  just  left  Islamic  Jihadists   all  alone   there   really  would  be  world  peace  !!!  The  truth  is  evident  in  Islam's   engagement  against   'Little  Israel.'   Israel  has   served  as  a  great  buffer  for  Western  Civilization;  for  the  past   half  a  century  most  Islamic  countries  have  concentrated  their  national  wrath,  and  national  failures  against   a  Jewish  and  non- Islamic  Israel.  Israel  for  many  decades  became  the  'Scapegoat'  of  the  national  failures  of  the  Iranian  Ayatollah's  and  numerous  other   Islamic  dictatorships  that  controlled  their  naive  and  mostly  uneducated  population   not  necessarily  through  the  Mass  Media  like  here  in  the  West  but  in  religious  schools; in Islamic  funded  Madrassa's  !!!
The  reality   before  us  is  that  Islamic  Jihadist's  are   blowing  up  not  only  the  few  remaining  Christian  Temples    that  remain  scattered  throughout  the  Middle  East   but  they  are  also  blowing  up  Islamic  Mosques  all  over  the  Middle  East  and  are  as  well  as  killing  other   Muslim's  who  do  'NOT'  share  their  extreme  religious  and  political  views  for  the  region.  If  Islamic   Jihadist's  have  'NO'  problem  killing  their  own  Muslim  brothers  and  sisters  what  can't  be  expected  ?

For  many  years  and  decades  most  European's   sincerely  believed  that  Islamic  Terrorism  was  limited  to  the  Middle  east  and  especially  against  Israeli  targets.  When   the  T.V.  footage  began  to   slowly  change  from   Israeli  citizens  being   blown  up  in  the  streets  of  Jerusalem  to  the  streets  and  the  capitals  of  several  European  countries  such  as : London, England; Paris, France  and  Germany  then   the  once  naive  European's  began  to  wake  up  and  consider  the  reality  that   Islamic  Terrorism   seeks  to  destroy  not  only  Jewish  targets   but  also  any  Western  target   that doesn't  bow  down  to  its  diabolical  endgame  !!!    

One  would  think  that  most  European  Intelligence  Agencies  are  following  in  the  footsteps  of  American  Intelligence  Agencies  post  9/11   'BUT'  most  are  not;  it  is  no  secret  that  Interpol  as  well  as  most  German  and  French  Intelligence  Agencies  do  'NOT'  share  intelligence  with  their  very  own  national  counterparts   !!!  Unfortunately,  the  European  Intelligence  Agencies  are  destined  to  learn  the  hard  way   !!!  This  student  of  counter  intelligence   understands  that  the  European  Intelligence  Agencies  were   separated   so  that   what  the  NAZI's  pulled  off  in  the  past  couldn't  be  repeated   again  'BUT'  the  European's  should  go  back  to  the  'drawing  board'   (  new  revised  laws*)   to  find  a  way  to   correctly  force  inter-agency  intelligence  cooperation  so  that  Islamic  Terrorists  won't   succeed   in  future  Terrorist   attacks   on  European  soil  !!!

The  Prophetic  ramnifications  of  the  'War  Against  Islamic  Terrorism'  is  that   most  Western  nations  are  now  getting   a  first  hand   experience  of  what  the  State  of  Israel  has  been  battling  for  decades : heartless  suicidal  Islamic  terrorists !!!   Most  of  the  major  European  capitals  have  now  suffered  themselves  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  too  !!!   The  fact  that  our  'best  and  brightest'  :  American  Think  Tanks, Military  Colleges  and  Military  Theorists   and  even  the  RAND  Corporation   as  well as  the  CATO  Institute  have  'NOT'   been  able  to  find   a  terminal  solution  to  address   Islamic  Terrorism;   tells  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   that   this  one  of   the   endtimes   challenges  that  will  help  to   propel  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  to  power   in the not  too  distant  future  !!!

It  is  the  very  'INSIGNIFICANT'  opinion  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  the  United  States   made  a  few  military  mistakes  in  fighting  the  war  against  radical  Muslims  in  Afghanistan  and  elsewhere  in  that  region  of  the  world.  It  is  'NO'  secret  that  too  many  times   the  American  military  was  prosecuting  a  war  with  'One  Hand  Tied'  around  its  back;  this  student  of  Warfare  Theory  is  all  for  civilian  control  of  the  arm  forces  lest  we  produce  a  'Military  Junta'  like  in : Argentina, Egypt  and  other  places.  'BUT'  at  the  same  time   you  should  never   allow  the  enemy   to  even  remotely  come  close  to  believing  that  they  have  a  chance  against   you  !!!

While  the  U.S.  almost   'militarized'  most  of  the  U.S.  Airports  and  its  land  borders   shortly after   9 /11   the  European  Union  has  most  certainly  'NOT'   !!!   To  some  degree  this  student of  Bible  Prophecy   can  'NOT'  understand  how  the  European  Union  did  'NOT'  closed  nor militarized  its  borders  years  ago  !!!  It  is  'NO'  secret  that  too  many  of  the  southern Mediterranean  EU  borders  are  too   porous;  North  African  'refugee  boats'  of  all  shapes  and sizes  seem  to  be  able  to  land  on : French, Spanish, Italian  and  Greek  soil  without  ever  being detected  by  the   European  Border  and  Coast  Guard  Agency  also  known  as  'Frontex'  !!!   What  is  to  stop   an  Islamic  Terrorist  group  of   introducing  a  dirty  nuclear  device  into  European  soil  ?

In  conclusion,  another  9/ 11  attack  upon  Western  city  is  'INEVITABLE'   because   the  number  of   Islamic  young  men  throughout  the  Middle  East, Afghanistan  and  elsewhere  who  are  seeking  revenge  and  retribution   against  the  Western  military  intrusion  into  their  countries    has  'NOT'  diminished  since  9/ 11  'BUT'  has  surely  grown  !!!  ( victims  of  collateral  damage  etc...)   You  better  believe  that  somewhere  in  : Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria   are  numerous   young  men  planning  how  to  get  back  at  the  West  for  bombing  their : village, their  house and in some cases  accidentally  bombing  their  entire  family  while  they  slept  !!!   The  greatest  example  that  I  can  think  of  is  Osama  Bin  Laden's  son : Hamza  Bin  Laden  who  is  now  around  28  years  of  age  has  not  so  secretly  and  very  publicly  vowed  revenge  for  the  killing  of  his  father  !!!  In  the  meantime, American  Intelligence  agencies  have   added  his  name  to  a  long  list  of  : Enemies  of   America;  'BUT'  what  worries  me   is  that  the  European  Union   is  'NOT'  doing  the  same  and  that  is  why  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  so  sure  that  a  future  9 /11  attack  will  be  'Unfortunately'  perpetrated  against  some  European  City.  The  facts  and  the  evidence  is  overwhelming,   Germany  as  well  as  France  allowed  almost  1,000,000  'Syrian  refugees'  without   first  digitizing  their  fingerprints  for  national  security  and  identification  purposes.  France  for  its  part   suffered  a  very  well  coordinated  national  terrorist  attack  on  Friday  November  2015,  where   mostly  French  Islamic  Terrorists  managed  to  kill  130  people  in  three  separate  attacks  throughout  France  on  the  same  day  !!!  France  for  its  part   has  greatly  increased   its  monitoring  of  over  10,000+   potential  Islamic  Jihadists  all  throughout  France  'BUT'  this  is  costing  hundreds  of  millions  of  $ EURO's  in  police  and  intelligence   overtime  costs  and  obviously  it  can't  go  on  like  that  forever   eventually  you  get  a  high  percentage  of  police  and  intelligence  personnel  in  a  'Burnout'   situation  !!!

While  Islam  is  'NOT'  destined  nor  Prophesied  to  conquer  the  world;  Islamic  Terrorism  in  all  its  forms  are  going  to  make  it   perfectly  possible  for   the  endtimes  future  'Little  Horn'  to  declare  'Martial  Law'  throughout  Europe  in  the  future  and  to  consolidate  political  and  military  power  as  'NO'  other  European  leader  has  in  all  of  Western  History   !!!  In  effect,  Islamic  Terrorism  is  going  to  make  the  career  of  the  endtimes  EU  Totalitarian   possible  !!!

Although,  the  U.S.  &  the   Russian  military  as  well  as  Israeli  military  and  their  intelligence  agencies  have  been  able  to  'Mortally  Neutralize'   many  key  Islamic  Terrorist  Leaders  like  Osama  Bin  Laden  and  others;  there  seems  to  be  many  other  'Islamic  Alpha  Males'  more  than  willing   to  step  into  their  shoes  all  over  the  Middle  East   !!!

Unfortunately,  the  U.S.  Military  will  "NOT'  be  able  to  put  an  end  to  Islamic  Terrorism  as  it  has  'FAILED'  to  do  so  for   over  16   years  now  since  9 / 11.  It  is  the  interpretation  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   is  going  to  'THRIVE'  at  eliminating  Islamic  Terrorism  both  on  European  soil  as  well  as  against  several  Islamic  nations  in  the  not  too   distant  future.  American  General's   do  know  how  to  defeat  Islamic  Terrorism  'BUT'  Western  political   leaders   who  control  the  military   are  more  concerned  about  waging   a   'Politically  Correct   War'   than  about   finalizing  this  threat  forever  !!!
It  is  rather  unfortunate   that  'ALL'  of  our  International   Organizations
( UN, AL,EU,AU etc...) have  all  'FAILED'  to  properly  and  adequately  address  and  confront  Islamic  Terrorism  for  all these  years.  The  United  Nations, the  Arab  League, the  European  Union, the African  Union  as well  several  other  International   organizations  have   proven  that  'DIPLOMACY'  will  not  work  against   the  growing  Islamic  Jihad  Network  that  seems  to  keep  spreading  like  wildfire  via   international  social  networks   !!!  This  human  being   wishes  that   everybody  would  just  leave  Israel  and  its  Jewish  population  alone  'BUT'  you  and  I  know  that   according  to  Bible  Prophecy   that  is  'NOT'  even  remotely  possible   !!!

This  'Semi-Expert'  on  the  European  Union   and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   'KNOWS'  that  the  future  European  Union  will  'Militarize'  its  borders  and  become  like  a  totalitarian  state  during  the  Tribulation  period   !!!  In  the  past,  Europe  and  Islamic  armies  battled  each  other  and   very  truly  the  Last  Crusade   has  'YET'  to  be  fought   !!!   Eventually,  the  naive  and  liberal  democratic  leaders  of  most  European  nations  will  be  voted  out  and  kicked  out  of  office;  what  is  coming  against  several  European  nations  and  capitals  is  going  to  'Force  and  Pull'  the  future  European  Armies  into  the  Middle  East  as  it  is  Prophesied  and  as  the  Roman  Legions  once  did  during  the  height  of  the  Roman  Empire  !!!  It  gives  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'NO'  pleasure  to  focus  and  write  upon  this   REALITY  'BUT'  because  it  is  affecting  (  Islamic  Terrorism*)  more  and  more  nations  it  is  a  subject  that  should  and  must  be   addressed  with  the  TRUTH   and  not  with  naive  'Political   Correctness'   !!! ,  considers : International  Mafias,  Drug  Cartels,  Sexual  Deviants,  Dictators  and  numerous  others  to  be  as  EVIL  and  outright  WICKED  as  Islamic  Terrorists  'BUT'  because   Islamic  Terrorists  would  have    absolutely  'NO'  problem   blowing  up  a  nuclear  device  upon  a  Western  target  (  if  they  had  the  chance  and  one  nuclear  bomb*)  they  are  presently  thee  most    dangerous   international  group  on  planet  earth  'Hands  Down'   !!!

Disclaimer  :  Sometimes   will  focus  on   Bible  Prophecy   articles  that  to  some  visitors  may  seem   a  bit  too  strong  or  too  controversial.  The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that  we  are  merely  'Interpreting'  the  Biblical  Prophecies;   according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation   over  60%+  of  the  world's   population  will  perish  during  the  Tribulation  period   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  understands  how  some  of  us  who  live  in  'Safe   &  Developed'   Western  countries   naively  believe  that   what  is  happening  elsewhere  in  the  world  will  never   reach  our  front  door,  the  truth  is  that  GOD  is  going  to   test  the  whole  world  during  the  Tribulation  period.  GOD  loves  all  of  His  creation  'BUT'  He will  'NOT'  allow :  sin,  rebellion  and  outright  disobedience  to  prosper  forever.  The  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  were  written  well  before  you  and  I  were  born, GOD  knows  the  future  and  this  unworthy  servant  of  GOD  is  merely  interpreting  the  Biblical  Prophecies  which  I  personally  heed  and  believe  that  will  be   fulfilled  in  our  lifetime   !!!   Additionally,  there  are   millions  of   people  who  erroneously  have  come  to  believe  that   everything  is  a  giant  'CONSPIRACY'  perpetrated  by :  the  American  Military, the  CIA  and  the  American  Military  Industrial Complex  against  Islamic  countries.  The  truth  is  that  we   were  all  born  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing   'Spiritual  War'  between  very  powerful  and  influential   'Fallen  Angels'  &  Holy  Angels  still  loyal  to  GOD  Almighty  and   they  do  use :  Kings,  Queens, Empires, Armies, Corporations  and  numerous  others   unholy  entities  to  do  their  bidding;  and  that  is  why  we  as  believers  MUST  be  full  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  and  put  on  the  Full  Armour  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!   (  Ephesians  6 :  11 )

By :  Mario  Romano.   This  student  of  World  History  and  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  advocating  ethnic  cleansing  nor  is  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  a  warmonger.   The blunt truth is that  ISIS  was  ethnically  cleansing  Syria and  Iraq  of   Christians  for  several months  &  nobody  did  much about  it  including  former  President  Obama  & the  UN  !!!  The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that   Islamic  militants  have  made  it  'NO'  secret  that  their  ultimate  goal  is  a  world  wide  Shariah  Planet.  Obviously,  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  that   is  'NEVER'  going  to  happen  'BUT'  because   of  their  continued  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks,  the  Western  nations  are  more  and  more  transforming  themselves   into  a big  brother  'Police  State.'  Thus  making  it  possible  and  much  more  easier  for  the   endtimes  'Little  Horn'  to  accomplish   what  the   Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  'GUARANTEE'  will   take  place  during  the  7  year  Tribulation  period  and  if  you  didn't  know  Islam  does  'NOT'  get  to  conquer  the  world  'UNFORTUNATELY'  another  Western  ruthless  Totalitarian  will   get  to  fulfill  that  endtimes  role    and  you  better  believe  that  is  working  on  correctly  interpreting  those  key  endtime  Prophecies  !