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According  to  Islamic  tradition,  the  'Prophet  of  Islam : Muhammad'  was  born  in the city of Mecca  in 570  A.D.  By  then  in  570  A.D.  the  Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars  had  already  reached  its  peaked,  during that   Century  the Roman Empire was  already  in decline  and   most  importantly  of  all  it  had  already  fulfilled  the   key  role  of  the  first  part  of  the  4th  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   !!!    The  rise  and  fall  of  Islam   is  happening  historically  'in  between'  the  first   and the last phase  of  the  Roman  Beast   that  conquered  Israel;  destroyed  the  Jewish   Temple in Jerusalem  and  the  same  Imperial  power  that   crucified  JESUS  CHRIST   on  the cross  via  the  Roman  death  penalty  and  the  very  one  that  will  finally  manifest  itself  in  10 King's  during the Tribulation  period.  Islam  "SHALL"  see   its  demise   'before  and  during'  the final  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  of  ten  King's  that  shall  arise  in  the  final  days  in  the continent  of  Europe.  Let's  get  this  straight, this  student of Bible  Prophecy  stated  over  10  years ago   that  the  first   two  Beasts  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel    were  indeed   what  we  now call  Middle  Eastern   empires; ( Babylon  &  Medo-Persia*)   simply because of their  geography;  it should  also  be  noted   that   these two  Middle  Eastern  Beasts  were  "NOT"  Islamic,  Islam  had not   yet  and  remotely  appeared on  the  world  scene; these  two  Beasts  were  'Pagan'  clear & simple !!!  

In  sum, "NO"  Islamic   army  is  Prophesied  to  conquer  Israel  in  the  future  ( Amos 9: 15 )  just  like GOD  did in  the  past;  He  will  likewise  do  in  the  future; in the past  GOD  simply allowed  one Gentile  Empire  to  defeat  and  devour  the  previous  one  before  it  and in  the future  He  is going  to  allow  the  'Little  Horn'   and  his  high-tech  and  diabolically  led   war machine  to   militarily  defeat   most  of  the  Islamic  countries  before  the  'Abomination of Desolation' takes  place   !!!   (  Daniel  5 : 26-28 )   Hitler's  German  generals  perfected  and    introduced   the 'Blitzkrieg   War  Strategy'  on  an  unsuspecting  world  during  World  War  II  and  the  future 'Little  Horn'   is  going  to  perfect  it  even  more  with   a  horrific  diabolical   and  cold  blooded  lethality  during  the  Tribulation  period  !!!    Behold,  there  is  a  man  coming  that  will  literally  be   'ten times'    more  diabolical  than  Adolph  Hitler  and  who  won't  make  the  same  military mistakes   that  Hitler  made  in  the  past  (  like  attacking  Russia  during  Winter*)   Hitler   pulled  and  dragged  the  world  into  World  War  II  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  future  'Little  Horn'  in  Revelation  6   will  somehow   'pull, envelop  and  immerse'  the  world  into  World  War  III,  simply  because   of  the  fact  that  all  these  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse   end  up  killing  25%  of  the  world   !!!
(  Book  of  Revelation  6 : 8 )

On  December  11,  1917   the  victorious  British  General  Allenby  entered  Jerusalem   on  foot  after   previously  defeating  the  Islamic  army  of  the  Ottoman  Empire  in  the  region.  Allenby  chose  "NOT"  to  enter  into  Jerusalem  on  a  white  horse  nor  on  any  motorized  military  vehicle  out  of  respect  for  the  Holy  City  of  Jerusalem.  All  in  all,  the  British  casualties  for   the  conquest  of  Jerusalem  were  about  22,000  and  the  Ottoman  suffered  over  25,000  casualties;   there  is  "NO"  question  that  the  last  and  final  semblance  of  any  Islamic  Caliphate  ended  with  the  defeat   of  the  Ottoman  Empire  in  1917.  Since  World  War  I,  most  Islamic  nations   have  lagged  further  and  further  behind  the  industrial  and  technological  progress  that  has  transformed  the  West  and  the  East.  The  Holy  Bible  and  its  Prophecies  guarantee  that  the   2nd  and  final   manifestation  of  the  10  King's  will  also  be  epicentered  in  what  was  the  heart  of  the  Roman  Empire  and  is  now  Italy  and  Europe;  wars  are  coming  that  will  forever  change  the  global  economy  of  this  planet;  while  several  Islamic  countries  are  replete  with  Oil;   when  war  comes   'food  and  drinkable  water'  will  become  more  valuable  than  even   this  black  gold   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  mentions  this  historical  fact   because   there  are  various  'Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy'   teaching  that  there  is  going  to  be  a  final  Islamic  Caliphate  and  you  know  who  they   'Quote'  ?  it  most  certainly  is  "NOT"  the  Holy  Bible;  but   the  Islamic  Koran;  the  very  false   prophecies  of  a  False  Prophet  !!!   If  you  hear  a  'believer'  quoting  to  you   the  Prophecies  of  a  False  Prophet  as  if  they  were  part  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  you  better   start   questioning  them  &  their  teachings !!!

The  Last  two  Beasts   defeated  the  first  two  Beasts  and  the  global  power  shifted  to  the  West. 'Greece  and  Rome'  ( the final 2 Beasts of Daniel*)  literally  conquered  the   what  we  now  call  the  Middle  East; Israel  included   !!!   If  you  know  your   world  history  you  know  that   several  other  gentile  empires  arose   and  fell  through  the  centuries; "BUT"  all  those  other  gentile  powers   had  nothing  if  any  to  do  with  the  Middle  East  and   especially  with  Israel.

The  Book  of  Daniel  reveals  to  us  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   controls  human  history;  GOD  allows  the  rise  of  4  Gentile  Empires  symbolized  in  the  4  Beasts of Daniel  to  conquer  Israel  militarily;  yet  at  the  same  time  it  is  GOD  who  allows  the  2nd  Beast  to  devour  and  conquer  the  1st  Babylonian  Beast  and   it  is  God  who  allows  the  3rd  Greek  Beast  to  devour  the  2nd  and  the  4th  Roman  Beast  to  devour  the  3rd  Greek  Beast  !!!  In  other  words,  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  has  the  absolute  power   to  allow  the  enemies  of  Israel  to  literally  also  turn  against  each  other  and  isn't  that  exactly  what  is  taking  place  over  much  of  the  Middle  East  today ?

 According  to  the  history  books   the  Ottoman  Caliphate. under  the  Ottoman  Dynasty  of  the  Ottoman  Empire  , was  the  final  Sunni  Islamic  Caliphate  of  the  medieval  and   modern  era. The  Ottoman  Empire   arose  and  collapsed    when  the  state  of  Israel  was  politically  'non-existant.'  The  Ottoman  rulers  claimed  caliphal  authority  because  through their  military  conquests  and  unification  of  Islamic  lands  it  became  the  defender  of  the  Islamic  holy  cities  of  Mecca  and  Medina.   Please  let  me  cut  to  the  chase  and  get  to  the  point;  the  Ottoman  Empire  was  "DEFEATED"  by  Western  powers  and   especially  by  the  military  might  of  the  British  Empire  !!!   

Strenghtened  by  the  Peace  of  Westphalia  and  the  Industrial  Revolution,  European  powers  regrouped  and  challenged  Ottoman  dominance;  and  because  of :  poor  leadership, outdated  political  norms  and  an  inability   to  keep  pace  with  the  technological  progress  in  Europe,  the  Ottoman  Empire  could  not  effectively  compete  or  challenge  the  resurgence  of  the  new  Europe  and  thus  it  lost  its  position  in  the  heart  of  the  Middle  East  and  before  thew  world    as  one  of  the  world's  great  powers.   Even  today,  as   disunified  and  clogged  with  challenges  as  the  EU   may  presently  seem,  the  fact  and  reality  is  that   the  Arab-Islamic  nations   are  in  a  far, far  worse :  economic,  military  and  political  condition.  Egypt,  Libya, Syria and  Iraq  just to mention a few  are  on the borderline   of  being  called  failed  states  if  they  aren't  there  already.  

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   had  to   go  over  these  "KEY"  pieces  of   world  history  because   the  current  and  present  ruthless  President  of  Turkey  Mr. Erdogan   seems  to  want  to  bring  about  the  final   Islamic  Caliphate  with  him  as  its  chief  head  "BUT"  according  to  Bible   Prophecy   that  'Ain't'   going  to  ever,  ever  happen;  because  according  to  the  Prophecy  of  Amos  9 : 15,  Israel  "SHALL  NEVER"  again  be  uprooted  from  the  land  after  GOD  ALMIGHTY  brought  them  back   from  amongst  the  nations  after  some  1900+  years  in  a  global  diaspora  !!!   The   Arab  Islamic  nations  had  their  chance  in  1948  and  1967  and  they  couldn't  defeat  Israel  then,  nor  are  they  destined  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  to  ever  defeat  Israel  militarily  in  the  future;  especially  in  today's  age  where  Israel  has  over  200+  nuclear  weapons  pointed  at  most  Islamic  countries  !!!

According  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  only  one  who  will  be  able  to  temporarily  defeat  Israel militarily  in  the  future  will  be  the  future  and  endtimes  western  Roman  'Little  Horn'   !!!  The  present   'Wanna  be  Stalin'  of  Turkey :  Mr. Erdogan    appears  to  perceive  a  vacuum  of  power  in  the  Islamic  world  and  he  sure  is  trying  to  do  everything  in  his  power  to  fill  that  political  and  religious  vacuum.  It  is  tragic  that  Mr.Erdogan   has  learned  nothing  from  the  likes  of  : Lybia's  Gaddafi,  Egypts   Mubarak  and  other  Islamic  despots  !!!  To  me  Mr. Erdogan  is  like  an  'open  book'   he's  seriously  trying  to  be  slick  with  both  Russia  and  Israel  even  after  just  one  year  ago  he  was   almost  at  war  with  both.  Mr.Putin  is  "NOT"  naive  he  knows  what   how  to  play  Erdogan   and  Israel  is  no  fool   they  also  know  that  Mr.Erdogan  is  up  to  no  good;  for  a  'Leopard  cannot  change  his  spots' ( Jeremiah  13 : 23 )  Mr. Erdogan  already  long  ago  showed  his  true  face  to  both  Russia  and  Israel   and  they  are  just  playing  the  leader  of  Turkey  to  see  what  he's  up  to   !!!

As  a  student  of  history   you  and  I  know  that :  despots, dictators  and  totalitarians   usually "NEVER"   allow  any  other  power   to  subdue  them  nor  do  they  like  sharing  power.  This student  of  Bible  Prophecy  states  this  because   some  'dazed  and  confused'  teachers  of  Bible Prophecy  are  wrongly   teaching  that  10  Islamic  nations  are  going to come together in the future to  produce  the  final  10  King's  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  The  truth  is  that 'presently'  most  Islamic  countries  in  the  Middle  East  are  so  "Messed  Up"    that  it's  going  to take  them  decades  to   rebuild   all  the  mess  that  has  been  produced   by  the  civil  wars  still taking  place   throughout  several   Islamic  Middle  Eastern  countries.

Mr. Erdoagn is a well  educated  individual  he  knows  his  history  and  he  fully  knows  that  his country  of  Turkey  is  "NEVER"   going  ro  be  fully  admitted  into  the  European  Union  and after  all  the  political  persecutions  that   he  is   now   doing   it  is  even  less  likely   that  the  EU will  ever,  ever  admit  Turkey  as  the  lone  Islamic  country  in  the  European  Union  !!!  Mr. Erdogan  is  no  fool   "BUT"  neither   are  all  of  his  adversaries   in  Europe, Russia, the Middle  East  &  in  Israel   !!!   Remember   all  the  great  plans  Iran's  former  leader  'Ahmadinejad'  had ?

Neither  Turkey's  President  : Mr.  Erdogan    nor  any  Islamic  Caliphate  are  Prophesied  in  the  Holy  Bible  to   overtake  Israel  in  the  future;  this  means  that  all  the   ambitions  that  Mr. Erdogan  may  have   are  just  that  'ambitions'   !!!  Mr.Erdogan   is  playing 'both sides of the fence'  by  courting  Russia's  Putin  and  yet   being  a  member  of  NATO  at  the  same  time;  Turkey  is  "NOT"  a  nuclear  power, the only   nuclear  weapons  Turkey  does  have  all  need  secret  codes  from  NATO  to  be   armed  and  usable  and   according  to  the  latest  intelligence  reports   the  U.S.   is  working  on  moving  all  of  the  50+  tactical  nuclear  missiles   out  of  Turkey  and  into  Romania  due  to  the  worsening  relations  between  Turkey  and  the  West.

Mr.  Erdogan  is  "NO"  military  genius,  Turkey  is  "NO"  match   for  any  Western  nuclear  power with   a  formidable   airforce.  We  are  not  in  the  age  of  'millions  of  foot  soldiers'  just  like  we  are  not  in  the  age  of  trench  warfare  and  tank  warfare,  we  are  in  the  nuclear  age  and  regardless  of  the  size  of  Turkey's  1+  million  footsoldier  army,   one  tactical  nuclear  weapon  aimed   at  its  army  is  enough  to  bring  Mr.  Erdogan  to  his  knees.

In  conclusion,  Turkey  and  Mr. Erdogan's  dream  for  an  Islamic  Caliphate   headed  by : Turkey, ISIS  or  Iran  are  going  to   become  a  reality  and  and  make  possible  the  conquest    of   Israel only   when  'Hell  Freezes  Over'  !!!   My  friends,   Turkey's, ISIS  and  Iran's   dreams  of  an Islamic Caliphate  conquering  Jerusalem  are  "NEVER"  going  to  happen,  according  to the Biblical Prophecies !!!  Yes,  Islamic  terrorism  will  continue  "BUT"  no  one  should  confuse  this type  of   'guerrilla  warfare'   with   the  true  and  'total  warfare'   that  is  coming  against  and  upon most  Islamic  countries  in  the  future  via   'Fire  from  the  Sky'  or  in  modern  technological lexicon : strategic  nuclear  strikes ***(  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki   shall  "NOT"  be  the  only  two  cities  on  planet  Earth  that will  have  suffered  nuclear  destruction  in  this  final  generation )         (  Isaiah   17 : 1   and  Zechariah   14 : 12 )

By :  Mario  Romano,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  prays  that  GOD  Almighty  will  open  the  spiritual  eyes  of  millions  of   both : Islamic  people  and  Jewish  people  concerning   the  saving  grace  of   :  JESUS  CHRIST   !!!    Without  the  blood  of  Jesus  "NO"  human  being  can  overcome   'the  god  of  this  world.'   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  been  studying  and  researching  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  for  over  20+  years  and  it  is  his  humble  prayer   that  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  will  guide  this  vessel  to  all  truth  concerning  the  4th  and  final   Roman  Beast  that  is  prophesied  to  once  again   militarily  attack  Israel  in  the  future   just  like  the  Roman  armies  once  did   some  2000  years  ago   !!!