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The  history  of  Europe  has  been  intertwined  for  centuries  with  that  of  the  Roman  Vatican   and  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation; Roman  Catholicism  and  its'  leader  will  play  a  major  role  during  the  Great  Tribulation; it would  be  naive   of  any  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  to   overlook  and  underestimate  the  Roman   Vatican given  its  unholy  history.  The Roman Vatican   was  present when modern European countries   began  centuries ago; long before  the rise of the 'Holy  Roman  Empire'  and  the days  of  the  Papal  states  and according to the Book of Revelation  the finalized  version of the fourth Roman Beast of  10  will  eventually   destroy  her   "BUT"  not  before  they  both  make  a  secret   deal  &  get  something  out  of  each other   in this  unholy  union !                                                                                     -Revelation 17 : 16 

Among the many lies  espoused  by   Roman  Catholicism  since it was  founded  in  Rome  is that  it  claims  to  be  the  original  church  founded  by  Jesus  Christ;  but  anyone  with  a Bible   knows  that  the  original  church  was   born  on  the  day  of  Pentecost  in : Jerusalem, Israel &  was  initially  composed  mostly of Jews!  -Book of  Acts  2:1

Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"  that  the  Vatican  will  play   a  major  role   when  the  10  Horned  Beast  of  Revelation  rises  to  power;  for   it  will  be  riding  the  10 horned  Beast  !  It's  challenging  enough  to  ride  a  'domesticated  beast'  but  to  ride  a  'Wild  Beast'  the  likes  of  the  one  in  Revelation  means  that   these  two  'powers'  have  some  trust  with  each  other  and  obviously  know  one  another; for this religious Harlot to be  'Riding the Beast'  clearly  means  that   they   long  came  to  a  'secret  agreement'  and  are  using  & abusing  each  other  for  some   personal  gain;   just  like  a  Harlot  and   its  customer  !!!

    This  religious  harlot  with  numerous  names  of  blasphemy;  supplanted  the  Roman  Emperors,  it  outlived  the  political  Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars, it  overcame  Napoleon, it  sponsored  the  Crusades, devised  the  'Unholy  Inquisition'  and  it  even  preceded  the rise of  Islam  and  its'  lies  with  its  very  own.  It survived  WW I  and  WW II  by  making  secret  deals  with very questionable  Kings  and  dictators  and  despite  being  the  root  and  the  producer  of  so  much spilled  blood  in  Europe  it  has  sucessfully  managed  to   overcome  and  rebrand  itself   in this present  age  and  before  hundreds  of  millions  as   the  'Holy  Roman  Catholic Church !'    Before  the  eyes  of   the  HOLY  GOD  of  Israel; the Roman Vatican  sins  long  ago  piled  up to  heaven   and  GOD  ALMIGHTY   shall  surely  judge  her   for  all  of  her  sins  during  the  upcoming  Great  Tribulation  period   ( Revelation 18 : 5  and  18 : 8  )  What  is  so  dangerous  about  her;  is  that   her   'unbiblical   heretical  teachings'  have  been  sending  more  souls   to  hell   than very  possibly  any  other  religion  in  the  history  of  this  planet  !!!

"For the Kings of the Earth committed fornication with her and all Earth dwellers are drunk with the wine of her fornication."                                                                  
                                                                            - Book  of  Revelation 17 : 2

The  Book  of  Revelation  reveals  to  us  that   in  the  last  days  two  men  will  arise   and  will  capture  the  imagination  of  much  of  the  planet.  The  Book  of  Revelation   calls  one  of  them   'The  False  Prophet'  and  the  other  one  'The  Beast;'  one  will  be  a   'treacherous political  genius'   and  the  other  one  will  be  a  world  wide  religious  leader :  a  'wolf  in sheep's clothing'  and   both  will  come  with   diabolical  super  natural  powers   to  DECEIVE  most  of  those  still  alive   during what  is  Prophesied  to  be  the  worst  period  in  all  of  human  history  !!!
(  Matthew  24 :  21  )

Many  teachers  and  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  have  been  'scratching  their  heads'   for  the  longest  time   as  to  how   the final 10 King's and the Harlot of  Revelation  end  up   together  during  the  final  stages  of  the  Great  Tribulation  period; this student of Bible Prophecy  does  not  claim  special  insight;  but  I  suspect   that  a  nuclear  incident  in  one  of  the  several  coming  Prophesied  wars  will  go  nuclear  and  such   a  war  will  reshape  both  the  Middle  East  and  the  European  Union; although most of  the European Union  populace  is  presently  secular  the  truth is  that  Roman  Catholicism  still  plays  a  major  role  in  the  culture  of  many  EU countries  and when  the  Tribulation  period  begins   you  better  believe  that  most  European's  will  get "Religious"  and  look  to  a  future  Pope  for  answers; that is why the 'Woman will  be  Riding the Beast'  according  to  Revelation  !!!  ( this student of WW II  reminds everyone that   WWII  came  to  a  conclusion  with  the  atomic  bombings  of  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki; and today  nuclear weapons are much more  prevalent  than  half  a century ago*)

This  present  Pope  is  "NO"  Elijah  nor  John  the  Baptist  in  fact  no  Pope  in  history  even  comes  close  to  these  two  true  Biblical  Prophets  !!!  The  Roman  Catholic  Pope  is  the  total  opposite  of  a  true  Prophet  of  GOD; some were calling  this Pope   a  'religious rock star'  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  and  I  know  that  the  true  two  coming  Prophets  of  GOD
(  the  two  witnesses  of  Revelation  )  will  come  before  the  entire  world  dressed  in  'Sackcloth'  and  with  a  very  specific  message  of  repentance  and  clearly  pointing  Israel  and  the  entire  world   to  the  true  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!

 This  past  week  the  leader  and  head  of  Roman  Catholicism  around  the  world  :  'The  Pope'  traveled  to  the  West  to  meet  some  of  the  most  prominent  leaders  of  the  Western  World  and  he   even  addressed  the  United  Nations;  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   I  was  "NOT"  surprised  that  he  didn't   mentioned  JESUS  CHRIST;  in  fact  I  watched  him  addressing  the  UN  for  ten  minutes  and  never  once  did  he  mentioned  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ    and  much  less  the  need   to  repent  and  turn  back  to  GOD  !!!  The  Pope  instead  preached  'socialism, communism,  environmentalism'  and  hypocritically   contradicted  himself  by telling  others  what  neither  the  Vatican  nor  he  truly  practices  in  real  life;   for  it  is  no  secret  that   the  Vatican  is  the  richest  religion  on  planet  Earth  and  despite  his  personal  decision  to  tone  down  the  extravagant     way  in  which  he  was  chauffeured  around  New  York  City  he  nonetheless  traveled  first  class  all  the  way  !!!

It  is  no  secret  that  the  twisted  and  unbiblical   heresies  that  the  Vatican  created  centuries  ago created  an  environment   within this religious  institution  that  fostered  'Pedophilia'  amongst  its'  priests; this servant of Jesus  Christ  reminds  everyone that  the  original  Jewish  Priesthood  that  the Vatican  copied  was  allowed  to  marry  and  have  families.  The  Roman  Catholic  religion  has  for  centuries  been  trying  to  cover  its'  filthy  sins  and  to  a  large  degree  they  have  suceeded  in  making  most  believe  that  the  sexual  deviance  found  in  many  of  its'  priests  are  isolated  cases  "BUT"  the  truth  is  that  its'  Priests  have been  practicing  'sexual  deviancy'  for centuries  including  many  of  its  Popes !
(  the  earlier  Popes  had  numerous  illegitimate  children  and  all types  of  unholy   other  acts; its  all  in  the  history  books*)  The  psychological  damage  that  they  have  caused  to  thousands  upon  thousands  of  innocent  children   because of   their  Pedophilia  acts  throughout  the  centuries  will  not  be  overlooked  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!  and  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  been  studying  and covering   the  role  that  Roman  Catholicism     will  play  during  the  Great  Tribulation  period for many  years   now  and  we   have  always  declared  that  it  will  be  a  very  "UNHOLY"  role !  This  insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  also  "AFFIRMS"  that  the  present  Pope  shall "NOT"  be  the  last  one;  in  fact  before  this  Pope  replaced  the  last  one  many  were  predicting that   Pope  Francis  would  take  the  name  of  'Petrus  Romanus'  and  boldly affirmed  that   he  would  "NOT"  simply  because  his  rise  did  "NOT"  fit  in  with  the  timeline of  the  Biblical  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   was  born  in  a  very  staunch  Roman  catholic  country  in  fact  I  once  even  considered  in  my  teenage  years  to  become  a  Priest  !!!  As  a  former  Roman  Catholic  I  know  all  about  all  the  'Secret  Rituals'   all   unbiblical;  I  used  to  wear  up  to  20  scapulars  around  my  neck,  I  used  to  study  all  the  'Apparitions'  and  you  name  it  I  practiced  it   just  because  I  didn't  know  any  better  "BUT"  one  day   the  true  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  reached  me  and  my  eyes  were  open  for  'You  shall  know  the  Truth  and  the  Truth  Shall  set  you  free !!!'

The  Holy  Bible   very  clearly declares  that  Jesus  Christ  is  the  "ONLY"  way  to  the  Father  and  to  eternal  life,  Roman  Catholicism  teaches  to  the  contrary; that   salvation can be  attained  by  other  'man  made  religious  rituals'  other  than  through  a  personal  relationship  through  JESUS  CHRIST  alone  !!!   Because  the  fate   of  over  a  billion+  Roman  Catholics  hangs  in  the  balance   it  is  necessary  that  we  address  this  in  light  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  because  "MOST"  of  Roman  Catholicism  does  "NOT"  teach  and  much  less  preach  on  the  need  of  being  "BORN  AGAIN"  most  Roman  Catholics   will  find  out  the  hard  way  that   they  were  'taken  for  a  ride'  and  it  isn't  going  to  be  before   'Peter  and  the  Pearly  Gates'  but  to   the  opposite  place   !!!

It  is  no  secret   that  the  Roman  Catholic  Vatican   has  committed  fornication  with   'The  King's  of  the  World'   for  it  was  with  the  unholy  blessing  of  the  Vatican  that  the  Imperial  Powers  and  early  European  Explorers   conquered  and  carved  much  of  the  world  in  the  past;  if  you  didn't  know  it  was   the  Pope  who  gave  Brazil  to  the  Portuguese  crown  in  the  past  ! It  is  no  secret  that  for  hundreds  of  years  the  Papacy  played  a  key  and  unholy  role  electing  some  of  the  Kings  of  Europe  and  it  is  no  secret  that  the  way  in  which  the  Roman  Vatican  City  was  built  was  blasphemous  before  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!  The  Roman  Vatican  was  financed  mostly  with  indulgences  in  other  words  the   Popes  of  the  past   were  literally  selling  eternal  life  and  salvation  for   money  (  INDULGENCES  !!! )

Several  wars  are  coming  that  will   revamp  the  entire  Middle  East   and  the  European  Union and  one  of  them  will  very  unfortunately   go  nuclear;  after  these  wars   many  people  will  once  again  get  very   "RELIGIOUS"   just  like  it  happened  after  9-11  in  the  United  States,  the  future  Pope  will  capture  the  imagination  of  most  of  the  world   during  that  time;  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  world  history  I  am  not  naive;  I  know  that  the  Roman  Catholic  Vatican   has  not  survived  and  outlived  for  this  long  by  being  holy  on  the  contrary  the  past  Popes   have  made   alliances  with  very  questionable  historical  characters  such  as  Adolph  Hitler  !!!   "Affirms"  that  the  'Woman  who  shall  ride  the  Beast'  as  mentioned  in the Book  of  Revelation   symbolizes   the  future  Roman  Catholic  Vatican   !!!  The  only  thing  'holy'  about the  Vatican  are  the   Bibles   found  inside  of  its  walls;  everything  else  about  the  Vatican  is  a  'lie  built  upon  yet  another  lie'   for  we  know  that  Peter  was  "NOT"  the  first  Pope  the  Bible  clearly  indicates  that  Peter  had  a  'mother  in  law'  &  he  was  definitely  a  married  man !
(  Matthew  8 : 14 )  Roman  Catholicism  is  what  you  get  when  you  create  and  build  a  'man  made  religion'   without    embracing   the  truth  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  !!!

As  the  Roman  Pope   continues  his  travels  listen  closely  to  what  he  is  preaching;  if  you  listen  closely  you  will  clearly  notice  that  it  sure  isn't  the   'Full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!'

The  end  is  "NOT"  yet  various  things  must  first  happen, : Germany's  Angela  Merkel  must  leave  office, Russia  must  be  defeated  militarily  in  the  Middle  East, the Rapture must first  happen  and  even  the  present  Pope   must  also  leave  the  Papacy  for  he  "SHALL  NOT"  be  the  last  Roman  Pontiff.   This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  been  studying and watching   the  forerunner  of  the  'Beast from the Sea' and the  forerunner of  the  'Beast  from the Land'  for numerous  years   and   with  the  direction  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT   it  is  my  goal  to  be  one  of the  first   vessels  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   to  sound  the  alarm   appropriately  if  possible  ***
(  because  I  personally  believe  in  the  Rapture  before the  7 years  Tribulation  Period  this  may not  be  possible*** )

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  insignificant  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  states  this  truth  boldly  with   the  permission  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  of  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  manifested  in  this  planet  in  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!  This  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  doesn't   fear  whoever  might  end  up  being  the  False  Prophet  or  the  Beast;  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  fears  GOD  ALONE;  for  I  know  that   GOD  has  the  last  word  on  everything*   This  believer  is  Pentecostal  because  he  believe  in  "ALL"  of  the  gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit;  i   don't  pretend  to  be  a  Prophet; i'm  just  a  vessel  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and   the  same  Holy  Spirit   that  used   the  ancient  Prophets  of  Israel  is  the  same  one  that  you  and  I    have  been  baptized  by  fire  by   !!!